Craftsman tactics: Use your GPS navigator 100%

Modern GPS devices have come a long way. They can not be more than ever. The latest ultra-sensitive shelter.

There is no need to make it. The following are specific GPS skills.

Learn how to combine.

I hope that I’m on the go. But what do you want to know? Some users are aware of this. This is a very useful usefulness.

Learn how to read the UTM coordinate system. I would like to be aware of several coordinate systems. I wouldn’t have to focus on this.

Use of a GPS receiver and a paper map together. There is a need to make a line of business cards for a large scale assortment. Personally, it will be useful.

Site offers you all the best services.

Adding cards

Many GPS receivers can be mapped, but this feature is often unprofitable. has a library of maps freely available for Gps receivers firms Garmin.

So adding new maps shouldn’t be a big deal.

The ability to recognize your location. It also simplifies the way to a paper map. It should be noted that the electronic cards are not a full substitute for paper ones. Printed cards do not suffer from battery drain. In addition, I’m not sure about any GPS receivers.

Create waypoint

This is a very useful life skill. If you want to make your next trip, it’s 3 km 140 degrees.

Click here to see the “Lay” button. This is a list of ways to get to your destination.

Setting up the satellite pattern

This is the key to successful navigation! It is clear that you can calculate your satellite position. It will be clear that it will be possible to monitor further locations. If you are going away from home, it will be possible to use the GPS receiver. It is not necessary to use your navigator for a long time.

If you notice, you can’t make it, or In fact, this is the case.

Compass calibration

If you are using a computer compass, it’s possible to use this feature altogether. The battery discharges. If you have been on the battery, it has been charged. It is always a good idea to tune the compass.

If you really want to use the compass function, then just turn it off. It is an hour or two.

Establish communication between your navigator and computer

Most manufacturers of GPS receivers add software to computers. Such ways can be invaluable in terms of creating routes, creating waypoints, printing maps, It is much more convenient to use it. In some cases, it can be found more conveniently than those for you.

If you’re not sure, your device will be updated. It’s important to keep track of your computer’s mindset.


You can get to it later. ” The instructions for preparation, some even read the instructions, and, of course, you cannot read them!

Use a compass, a compass, a GPS receiver. This will be a new, exciting, but undoubtedly, very useful skill.

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