Crawfish: What, where and how to catch it

Whatever vegans and hipsters say, he has always been a hunter and gatherer. You can’t be silent about them, you can pretend that “I’m saying, civilized!” However, as practice shows, if such a “civilized” one is If you’re a little bit different, you’ll be able to recruit it. One extremely interesting aspect is the catching crayfish.

Wide-fingered crayfish

This species lives throughout Russia. It was also found to be destroyed by the so-called “crayfish plague” – it was also found in Europe. There are no problems for people living in the world. But back to the Russian realities.

Crayfish Moreover, the requirements for cleanliness are fundamental. If the reservoir is polluted with industrial effluents, crayfish will not live there. So this is a kind of “indicator” of water quality. Personal experience – the indicator is quite true. The author of 10 years ago caught a crayfish in a small tributary of the Dnieper. With fire. More precisely at night with fire. But later on. Also, it’s not a matter of pH, it’s about sand, pebbles or stone. Therefore, it is a pure mountain river. In lakes and quiet rivers, they are much less common, although this is not excluded.

Aquatic plants, algae, snails, shallow bottom fish, carrion. Cases when crayfish were found on drowned people are described. That is, you not only eat crayfish – crayfish may well eat you. Crayfish smell away from their usual minks rather far. Usually they are looking for food from 250 meters from the “house”. Prey is sought actively, mainly at night.
Crayfish can be up to 20 cm in length, although more impressive cases are known. For example, 30 cm long and weighing more than 200 grams was caught. But most often the crabs are much smaller. It is a little crayfish. Small ones are up to 10 cm. It has survived with a few molts.

It is a claws, legs and tail, which is also a necklace. Some connoisseurs eat more and caviar. Shell and get meat. In Europe, for example, for these edible parts. Do it mostly in restaurants. Began this practice in Sweden, in the seventeenth century. Everything is much simpler here. Why? Because it is original, tasty and just cooked. For preparation, it is a cancer and it is lowering into boiling salted water. When you cancer turns red, you can eat. It is not so interesting.

Crayfish fishing

There are several ways to catch crayfish. The first and easiest is manual. Wear protective gloves – this is important, because it can be clinging strongly to the unprotected flesh – and in front. Gently check the pebbles, feel the mink, see if someone runs along the bottom. If you feel sorry for the fingers, you can use it for a stick. This is an unnecessary process. To increase the efficiency of the crayfish.

The second method is a bit more complicated. Yes, crayfish can also be effectively caught with a bait. It is not a problem. Fortunately, these bastards are greedy and just do not get out. To increase the efficiency of the water. If you’re a fish bait, you can enjoy it!

As you can see, it’s pretty simple. So if you go on a journey, it’s not a problem. This method is even better than collecting shellfish or coastal roots. Catching crayfish doesn’t take much time, and the taste is worth the effort. However, it is possible to make sure that the crayfish catch up to 10 cm. So be mentally prepared to pay, if, of course, you get caught “hot.”

Crayfish &# 8212; where and how to catch

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