Crayfish on the fire: the best recipes for cooking

Traditionally, crayfish serve as an excellent snack for beer, you can cook hot dishes and soups from them. And yes, all this can be done on a hike, cooking crayfish on a campfire is simple and very tasty. Arthropods are boiled or grilled, they can be marinated beforehand.

  • How to choose a crayfish?
  • 2 How to prepare crayfish?
  • 3Recipes cooking boiled crayfish on the fire
    • 3.1 Traditional method
    • 3.2C adjika and sour cream
    • 3.3In beer
    • 3.4In milk
    • 3.5In brine
  • 4 Recipes for cooking crayfish on the grill
    • 4.1In foil
    • 4.2 On the grid
    • 4.3 Crayfish kebab

How to choose a crayfish?

In the domestic kitchen, the widespread crayfish is the most common, its length reaches 15 cm, its body is protected by chitinous shell, which is removed immediately before it is eaten. Due to the specific diet of arthropods, their digestive organs cannot be eaten.

The safest live recently caught specimens. If you decide to buy them in the store, you should look at the conditions of their storage: they should be placed in the refrigerator or in a container filled with cool water.

An important selection criterion is the behavior of the crayfish. Healthy individuals look active and vigorous, they constantly move their claws, mustache, and tail.

Arthropods move through the tank, exploring the area, trying to get out. Sluggish and immobilized specimens are most likely ill. Unscrupulous sellers may argue that the crayfish are sleeping, this should be alerted. Dead animals can not be eaten, their meat contains substances dangerous to humans.

In individuals in the cold, metabolism slows down, they willingly move and react to stimuli, but not quickly, in any case they should not be apathetic. In living specimens, the shell is brownish or dark green, in boiled ones – bright red. On the protective shell should not be dents, spots, any damage, it is important that it remains intact and dense.

The arthropods catching season falls on the second part of the summer and autumn. They appear in reservoirs already at the end of spring, but in the warm months they molt and acquire offspring, therefore their catch is prohibited. Moreover, during this period their meat was not yet ripe, and closer to the autumn it becomes useful and nutritious.

How to prepare crayfish?

Bought crayfish immersed in cold water for at least half an hour, if you want the meat to become more tender, you can use milk. Each individual must be manually cleaned of dirt and washed to get rid of plaque formed in the reservoir.

The most polluted part of the carcass is the belly, it needs to be given more time. When washing the crayfish, care must be taken, since live arthropods actively resist. In order not to get hurt, you should use thick rubber gloves, firmly hold the individual behind the back. Washing will be more effective if you use a brush.

Recipes cooking boiled crayfish on the fire

The preparation time of arthropods is determined by their size. Small individuals are boiled for 15–20 minutes, medium samples will take up to 25 minutes, large ones will require at least half an hour. It is important to ensure that the crabs are not overcooked, otherwise the meat will become hard and dry. As soon as the color of the shell instead of the dark one becomes bright red, the cauldron is removed from the fire.

Crayfish on fire

Dill is thoroughly washed, separating the stems from the leaves (the latter are chopped and put aside). Beer is poured into a deep container, poured dill seeds, placed in it prepared crayfish and left to marinate for a day. After the specified period, the arthropods are laid out on a trellis and smoked, turning over, 15-20 minutes. Spread lettuce leaves on a large flat plate, on top – crayfish and sprinkle the dish with greens.

Crab Kebab

Boiled meat is minced and cooked on kebab skewers. Ingredients:

  • 25 large crayfish
  • 6 liters of water
  • 6 tbsp. l salt,
  • 6-7 bay leaves
  • a bunch of fresh dill,
  • 200 grams of butter,
  • sharp ground pepper on the tip of a knife.

Washed arthropods are boiled in water with salt, bay leaf and pepper, cooled and cleaned so that only the meat remains. The product is salted, peppered and crushed together with butter in a blender. The resulting mass is placed in a refrigerator for half an hour.

Chilled stuffing stick on the skewers, pre-wetted hands. It is necessary to work quickly so that the mass does not spread and adheres well. Blanks fry on the grill for 3-4 minutes, they will have time to “grab”, a pleasant golden crust.

The finished dish is served on a flat plate, sprinkled with chopped dill. It goes well with dark lively beer.

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