Creating a group of survivors. Goals, Benefits and Challenges

This article is based on my personal experience. survival groups. All errors and situations are completely real, coincidences, most likely, are not accidental.

Does it make sense in principle to create some group of survivors, who want in the case of any global BP (Big Fox) to survive jointly? Many years ago, when I was just thinking about this idea, I talked a lot with people on this subject and asked them this question.

The answers were different: from “Definitely YES!” To “The state will take care of us and the special state services“. What kind? Yes, the most different, from emergency medical care to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the police and the army.

Yes, in any country in the world, such services and structures exist. And they are created, in the opinion of many, precisely for the protection of the population (including from itself). And yes, in the case of some local, minor disasters, accidents and incidents, they are quite capable of dealing with the scourge. BUT. Let’s look at these services through the prism of their tasks, opportunities with a global BP, examples from history and common sense. And in the end, through the prism of just the human factor and practice.

Why it is impossible to hope for civil services

Far in the past we will not run. It is enough to take, for example, at least civil war 1992-95 in Bosnia, the 2001 economic crisis in Argentina and the consequences Hurricane Katrina in 2005, in New Orleans, USA. Those who are not familiar with how and what happened there, I strongly advise you to read the stories of people who had to survive in this chaos. Now that many years have passed since those tragic events, there is more than enough information on the Internet to study what was happening there. This information is objective, and not metered, at the time of what is happening, by the same special services.

All the examples I have given, which are not even connected with each other, have a different character, reasons and geographical location. But, as well as possible, they show what situation a person can be in and what he will have to go through and how he will have to act in order for him and his relatives to survive. But one factor, in spite of the difference in time, the nature of the PSU and other parameters, unites them all.

In all cases, civil services and structures have not completed their task! And you could not do it in principle. For several reasons. The first is not enough human and material and technical resources. For example – 2005, Hurricane Katrina. The rescue service received about 10,000 calls for help per day from residents! And this is a hurricane, in not the most, say, poor country in the world. And if you take examples of civil war or global economic crisis? And no matter what country it will be – the scenario and the consequences will be strikingly similar.

It is physically impossible to help such a number of victims. There are simply no such number of ambulance crews, firemen, police. And it is not only about the number of personnel rescue and other services. With a real global power supply, and we are talking only about this, the entire material and technical base will be destroyed, without which these services will simply not be able to function.

Examples? Please – no gasoline and electricity. This is enough.

The second reason – human factor. The same workers of these services have relatives and friends who also need help and protection. And it is to them that it will be provided first of all, and only then, if you are lucky, you too.

And the third, perhaps the most important reason: any services are created primarily to protect the state itself and its interests, and not their citizens. For example, what would be clear – what is guided in its activities, for example, the police and the state security service? The police are guided by the law. And the state security? But she is guided by the interests of the state! And never confuse these two completely different concepts. What is a state? In fact? In fact, this is a small part of the population of this country, which is at its helm (plus, of course, their relatives). So who will these services be saved in the first place?

Fact is a fact. In the case of a real BP, the government can hardly count on help. So, you need to rely only on yourself, relatives, close friends. And this means that the advance creation of some survival groups, having an action plan in the case of BP makes sense.

So I thought myself. After analyzing a huge amount of information about various BP that happened, their consequences and causes, I came to the conclusion that such a group is simply necessary. Times are troubled, the climate is changing, of war, epidemics … Everything is very messy … In short, I rolled up my sleeves and began to act.

Group of survivors

I will say, running ahead, that, after all that happened, I no longer believe in the possibility of creating an effective survival groups, unless it is a family. And not only because I have bitter experience in creating such a group. There are many reasons for this and quite weighty arguments … In this article I want to share my personal experience of creating such a group. Perhaps some thoughts will help someone to create such a really effective team, and some will, on the contrary, be turned away from this idea, and the third, perhaps, this information will help to avoid prison.

The first, the main and almost the only moment that absolutely influences the creation and functioning of such a group is human factor. Because in any community, it comes to the forefront from the very first seconds of joint interaction: from buying equipment to behavior in really extreme conditions. Whoever does not understand this, many things await him afterwards. And even with all the sympathy for the participants of the process, you will be very unhappy with what is happening …

At first, when survival team everything is just beginning to be created, everything is fine … Everybody shouts that it is necessary, necessary and so on. When the question arises about direct participation, and even more so about investing your own funds in a common cause, this is where the problems begin! Nobody wants to invest their money in something that may never happen. One needs to bring his wife to Ebibet, another one has to watch a new fashionable (expensive, of course), the third one decided to buy a new fur coat … In short, there is much to spend money without preparing for any BP. In this case, everyone wants to survive, in which case, and not only themselves, but also to bring a bunch of relatives and friends with them. Everyone wants to live, but if they invest, then only at a minimum. And the best – at no cost. So to say, “economy class.”

But in survival it does not happen. Either you do everything you need or not. There is no third! Then those who invest in large amounts are getting nervous – somehow they don’t really want everyone else to use at their expense, others who, accordingly, decided to save, but stay in the group … This moment is the beginning of the end of your mythical “survival groups“. Editor’s Note: Communism is not working? Amazing Suddenly! Unpredictable! Naturally.

And this is just one example. And the human factor itself is such an objectively strong component that one cannot simply close one’s eyes on it. Surely, there will be arguments, they say, you need to choose the participants better … And you put an adequate person in the winter forest for a week even with equipment – you will learn a lot of new things about yourself and about him … In this case, no one will guarantee you adequacy. I’m not talking about leadership and other important things …

You also need to understand that in any extreme situation, a person first of all thinks:

  • About their loved ones
  • And it is unlikely – about you and the group (only if it is beneficial to him).

You need such survival team? Obviously, that for the sake of which it was created, loses all meaning in the actual course of events.

As for preparation … If you are still strong in your enthusiasm, be ready to do EVERYTHING on your own – choose, buy, deliver (equipment, supplies, etc.) And also: buy and prepare a “base”, calculate routes and much, much more. Because the members of your group will always have better things to do … In an ordinary everyday life there is always a place for entertainment, housework, etc. And they are ALWAYS more important. It just needs to be remembered.

By and large, it turns out that you are creating a group for the sake of the idea itself, for the sake of it, which is absolutely meaningless, costly and, sorry, hemorrhoids. And then with BP you will also “drag them on yourself” or stupidly disperse to the sides, sharing the equipment. Where is the point?

Another thing is family. Blood relations. There are very different priorities. But this is better to talk separately.

What is a normal group of survivalists?

This is a certain group of people with a certain (preferably similar) philosophy and views on life. What should be able to survive? It is desirable all! Or as much as possible. But the most important thing is to be able to stand up for yourself, for your loved ones. To be able to save, protect and protect what you possess! Why? I think the question is superfluous. BP, whatever it may be, in the hardest form will inform and explain it to every person, and if necessary, personally!

In order for you and your loved ones not to become easy prey or a victim of circumstances, you first need to have a firearm and be able to use it! Everything else – hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting and much more – only adds chances for survival, but is not a guarantor. Whatever you are Bruce Lee or Schwarzenegger, any child who can shoot will, under certain circumstances, put you in place. And this is hard to argue …

So, there is a group of people who believe in a certain end of the world or global catastrophe (in our opinion – BP), acquire weapons and all sorts of pribluda, and most importantly – do not count on the state and its system. Nothing like? That’s right – a sect, and not just a sect, but armed to the teeth! When I created a group, I knew perfectly well that such an organization would sooner or later, but it would definitely fall under the special services cap and nothing would come out of this idea a priori. Strangle in the bud! Without consequences, at best, and at worst – time.

Therefore, the first thing to learn: no need to shout at every corner that you are a survivor.

Official “cover”

With regard to the acquisition of firearms, it is better to explain this desire to hunt and play sports. Hunting groups and sports shooting clubs! Due to this, the issue with the legal acquisition of weapons is solved simply. In addition, it is an opportunity to buy weapons in large quantities, as well as to store ammunition in the same quantities. Well, if you’re an athlete (IPSC), then reloading. For clarity of what you can legally buy, lay out a photo of your old arsenal:

In addition, the creation of a sports or hunting team (organization) gives the official opportunity to constantly practice shooting (I will make a reservation, this is about a specific country and its legislation). After all, it is not enough just to shoot straight from the spot in a dash, in the conditions of a power unit you need to know the tactics of movement (in a building, in a city, in a forest), work in pairs and in a group, combing (searching), ambushes and much more. And how to do everything officially, without attracting undue attention of the services concerned? After all, you can easily “thunder” under the article for the creation of an armed criminal group with incomprehensible motives.

The answer is simple – airsoft! Work anything, anywhere, anytime !!! The only difference is that the weapon is not combat. But everything else is grown-up: staying for days in the forest, creating shelters, guarding the camp, working with a walkie-talkie and much more! For example, our team participated in various levels of games – from local to international (Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic …). For your information: some special divisions of the world also use irsoft-weapons for training.

We didn’t have a goal to make experienced special forces out of programmers or accountants – there was a desire to simply teach how to work together, competently use a weapon so that inadvertently oneself or one of their own should not be threatened. And then, joint activities help strengthen relationships in the group …

Real achievements

By the way, on these “games”, we also earned a little money – they started up for the needs of the group. For example, a new army Bundeswehr tent was bought (10.5×4.5×2.5), camp beds, camp equipment and much more. The plans – the acquisition of the generator and the stove. In the project – land (as an example – farm in the country) to collect per hour X; transportation and stuff …

In addition, the status of the sports club airsoft (organization that does not aspire to income) also allowed us to collect money (membership fees, etc.), but most importantly, to organize some things officially (for example, permission from the military to use the landfill), no one looking around and not looking around. In addition, the property “hung” on the club and did not belong to someone alone. Which is strategically correct too. Immediately, I’ll make a reservation that not all members of the airsoft team knew what was going on here – the club was, in a way, a cover with opportunities for survival groups.

The group included doctors, industrial climbers, law enforcement officers, professional military (from Soviet times), hunters, and so on. But the majority are, of course, ordinary civilian people (family, children, etc.). Everyone had the opportunity to practice survival, shooting, jumping with a parachute, diving … It was even just nice and interesting to get together, for example, to jump with a parachute. Even the children were fascinated by this matter (as an example, the 11-year-old daughter of one of ours successfully completed the courses and made the jump). Say bullshit ??? And I do not agree! Not every “cool” man has the courage to jump. In short, the work was done in all directions …

Moreover, with one of the most active members of the group, we invested and opened a small hardware store. The goal was not only to earn something, but also to keep a warehouse with everything necessary at hand. Again members survival groups could stock up there almost at the cost of goods.

BUT! The above reasons have destroyed everything “acquired by overwork”, not to mention the idea …

The result – there is no group, but there are debts. And the most annoying thing is the spoiled relations with some people forever. Although, for the sake of truth, it is necessary to add that after a few years, when I returned to my country and met again with these people, many asked me to recreate it all and convinced me that this time everything will be different …

Creating a group of survivors. Goals, Benefits and Challenges

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