Creating your own job with unemployment, that is, saving the unemployed by the hands of the unemployed.

The way to save the unemployed by the hands of the most unemployed is one of the most effective ways to search today, or rather, to create a job with unemployment. If you are a computer operator who has lost his job, then you can repair computers and develop programs for your acquaintances and friends. And get paid for it. 

Creating your own job with unemployment, that is, saving the unemployed by the hands of the unemployed.

If you are a bricklayer, gardeners and motorists who are concerned about the construction of a garage can use your services. Tailor sew and alter clothes to close and distant friends. Etc. Despite the seeming naivety of this advice, it is very realistic for unemployment. It only seems that today, with the abundance of the clothing market, no one needs tailors. The days when the population exhausted by the deficit preferred everything else to imported consumer goods have passed. Well, or almost gone.

… And in the yard not far from me, one teenager won a dispute from another over the subject of what he could make money on sweets without going beyond his own quarter.

Because today money is just lying under your feet. And if not lazy. He went around the apartments and began to offer to take out the bin. Residents of two apartments agreed to a similar service. And they paid just enough for her to buy a hundred grams of those same sweets. Moreover, the residents proposed to continue cooperation in this service sector. Why not break-in? Therefore, boldly paste on poles and fences in the circumference of half a kilometer from your apartment. And wait for the result.

But do not sit idly by running through your friends information about your capabilities. Give your products for a clientele drive. Share your earnings. And then ads will not be needed at all, because such a word-of-mouth form of advertising is more effective. When someone calls for you, do not pick up the price to continue your mutually beneficial relationship. And build a new clientele. Because tomorrow’s big earnings with unemployment are more important than today’s penny. Provide free service again to those who bring you three to four new customers.

Promotion of unemployment services is a long and difficult business, but very promising. Because to clean a clogged sink in one person and get a dollar for it. But to clean ten clogged sinks at ten customers a day is already bread. And with a thick layer of oil. In general, I believe that such household services are the future. In many European countries, the so-called housemasters live in multi-access houses. That is, people who replace the workers of our jacks. All.

And electricians, and plumbers, and janitors, and carpenters, and superiors with deputies. All. And in the singular. He is fully responsible for the house entrusted to him. And in that house, unlike ours, an ideal order reigns. Because it is only in seven nannies that have a child without an eye. For his work, the housemaster receives a salary from all tenants. And two more times a year, on major holidays, he has a valuable gift from each apartment. The cost of which directly depends on how much the housemaster was useful to this tenant. And a lot of thanks for individual services.

Money comes out rather big. But work, respectively, is enough. For any reason, the residents run to their home savior. And when the light went out, and when the door slammed shut. And they always get help. And therefore, I dare to assure you, the western tenants of their master will not change the dozen of our workers. So who prevents to create a similar profession with unemployment in our country? In the home. Starting with small services offered to neighbors. And, gradually expanding the circle of clients and the list of offers, to create a very decent workplace.

After all, today our tenants have the right, having refused the services of the housing department, to create their own legal organizations and to spend payments at their own discretion aimed at repairing and maintaining houses. That is, hire locksmiths, electricians, janitors. And why should a person who does not have a job not go through apartments and offer to conduct such a self-supporting experiment?

Indeed, for the same money, residents will be able to get great care about their life. And most importantly, they will know from whom to ask for an uncleaned porch and glass not inserted in time. 

Or in a horticultural partnership to start repairing tanks, electric submersible pumps, painting or even digging beds. For a moderate price so as not to scare away the consumer. Experience shows that the easiest way to look for money is where you live, and not in distant lands..

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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