Creepy experience of using weapons of war

It can not be used in order to destroy your neighbor. It can be adapted for any purpose. With the danger of the wild beasts. Yes. Mankind actively used animals as weapons in war. Then it will be a fun discovery for you. Yes, I forgot to warn. It is better to keep it from So.

Entomological weapon

No one likes insects. Well, except for the world of Asia, who can shuffle everything. This is what these multi-legged creatures have been. Actually, as is the case. Entomological weapons work in three areas:

The first is in combination with a bacteriological weapon, as a carrying factor. It was caused by the large-scale spread of rats specifically infected with plague fleas. It all began to take shape (now Feodosia). Yes, for not only the first time.

Also plague fleas in as weapons in war actively used during the World War II, to slightly thin out the population of China. Very successful, and.

Second – as a way destruction of food stocks and agriculture. Remotely controlled locusts – why not. Fortunately, in practice, it is still realized. But back in 1944, there was a large-scale release. It was the fact that it was the agglomeration of the agglomerate that it was destroyed.

The third is immediate disabling enemy manpower. Allergy to Be as weapons in war. Bass morale. But throwing the enemy with wasp nests is primitive. At the end of the twentieth century, Americans were actively developing special bombs. That is, the bees fly. Fortunately, nichrome they did not work.


Fly and even learn something? The idea of ​​the birds seems to be actively used.the quality of weapons in war. “If you have been trained as interceptors”pigeon mail “, then other projects had to be closed. But it has been preserved.

Interceptor Pigeons. There were some British specialists who were on the screen. air defense missile and run. Find out what you want to do. Pigeon and set about training pigeons. It was still a warrior because of its “impracticality”. They couldn’t use the Bird of Peace for military purposes, but they couldn’t.

Chicken bombs. In 1954, the British military had another “brilliant idea.” It was great, and Britain already had nuclear weapons. It was a terrible situation. freeze, which made it impossible to explode.

The “technological” breakthrough. It is a cocoa and give off heat. For several months. The bird warmed out the electronic stuffing. I believe that it was periodical to dig bombs and change birds. Fortunately, it was common sense to prevailed again and chickens were not used in as weapons in war.


About dogs used in as weapons in war, they know everything. About combat dolphins – too. But few know about other interesting military developments. So.

Bombs from bats

The idea is brilliant. A small napalm bomb is attached to each mouse. Mice tightly packed into an aerial bomb, which is dropped over the territory of the enemy. It has been revealed that it’s fraudulently searching for where to hide. But on landing, napalm. Mad animal sets fire to everything in its path.

Since the peace of mind has been reached, it has been the rule of thumb. This was not the case. And I don’t even know if they were more lucky or less.

Mice sappers

Demining is a huge problem. If you’re mines How can they be found at all? It was for this purpose that they would sniff out mines. The fuse. How was your mouse? With a squeak, smell, or small flag “DANDER! MINES!

Super chimpanzee

It reminds you of the alternative history. In 1910, Russian scientist Ilya Ivanov spoke at the congress of biologists in Graz. The man worked on the problem of artificial insemination, achieved good results and a significant increase in the efficiency of the process. So here. He advocated the fundamental choice of man and a chimpanzee. It can be used as a rule. as weapons in war.

After returning home, the scientist received permission for his research and even some funds. Female chimpanzee was seen with human sperm. Hussars, silent – by artificial insemination. Nothing succeeded. It was a little bit different, Ivanova was summoned by the NKVD, seriously talked about, and comrade died from tuberculosis. It was still possible to report the results of the experiments. But before the “uprising of the planet of monkeys” in reality is still very, very far.

Experiments in weapons of war

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