CRKT Ruger Knives: Knife 2-Stage Flipper

The tank is not a tank. Scrap is not scrap. Yes, and flip.

In general, the appearance of me this the knife – this is a matter of chance. Yes, and I initially pecked at the blade and harsh appearance. The fact is that besides the blade in a knife used those moments that are usually of no interest to me. Take at least the fact that this is a flipper, to which I am usually indifferent. Well, or the fact that he has a frame-lock, to which I am generally suspicious. No, I remember about Strider and a bunch of great ones. knives with this type of lock, but it is not mine. I’m still a faithful fan of back-lock and everything connected with it.

And then I got caught.

TTX knife 2-Stage Flipper:

  • Blade: 8Cr13MoV
  • Hardness: 57-58 (Hrc)
  • Blade profile: American Tanto
  • Cutting Edge: Plain
  • Blade cross section: Hollow Grind
  • Blade handling: BlackWash ™
  • Handle: 6061 T-6 Aluminum with Hard Coat Anodizing (Type III) / St. Steel
  • Lock: Frame-lock
  • Disclosure: Flipper
  • Blade length: 101 mm.
  • Knife length: 241 mm.
  • In folded position: 140 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 5.1 mm.
  • Weight: 229 gr.

The fact is that the data

th knife – this is alaverdi fruit from the company CRKT towards the Ruger company. That is, apparently, Ruger ordered them a whole series of knives. 2-Stage just one of them.

It turned out they are very heavy knife. Notice that 229 grams is only 20 grams less than CS Recon Tanto. I.e jackknife A bit lighter than a full sized combat knife. Honestly, the unforgettable Boris Razor from “Snatch” comes to mind:
– Heavy means reliable.

Here, of course, the big question about reliability. All the same, it is not scrap. Well, it is impossible for me to believe that, despite the size and proportions, I otkovyryuyu sewer hatch. But … Everything is possible. Just for no reason, I hardly will check it. I have the same confidence as CS Recon1 2-Stage not. Although next to this flipper koldstilovsky scrap looks a little toy.

Visually and to the touch the knife is very impressive. Very powerful and large blade, blackwash finish, black aluminum on one side. If they had put iron on both sides, then the weight would obviously have passed over a quarter of a kilogram. Externally, the knife generally resembles something from the range of Quartermeister, short lines, a minimum of undercuts and exterior trim, forms deliberately coarse. Even a short spacer with cullet is simple triangular. A sort of brutal techno-minimalism.

Especially the blade plays on it. Heavy, powerful, with a simple at-shnoy geometry. And at the same time with expressive “relief”. Slightly concave descents due to the finishing of the blade do not look so, and the fact that they are made from the middle of the blade, immediately from under a special thickening only adds to its severity. Yes, and the reduction can not be called thin (although out of the box the knife shaves). Blade by all means hints that it is scrap. Although the desire to take and check does not occur, despite the fact that there is no backlash at all, from the word at all.

Despite the size, knife Conveniently in the hand, and if you already had experience with large folds (with the same Recon1), then there will be no problems with retention. Despite the fact that the shape of the handle is quite simple, with one large notch under the fingers. But at the same time it is convenient to hold the “chopping” grip. Knife generally convenient to hold on all standard arms. And at the same time, despite the simplicity of the materials of the handle (steel + aluminum), the handle was not very slippery. The knife slides a bit in a wet hand, but it helps the tail of the flip, which, like on all normal knives of this type, performs the role of a small stop.

Convenience adds and the fact that the clip can be rearranged as much as 4 positions: two on the right and left hand. Generally, despite the visual simplicity and coarseness, knife quite comfortable. At least I had no problems with him, although a person with a small hand may have some difficulties. For the sake of justice, I must say that the knife has a smaller modification (so far it was not possible to get it, but I will get it), with a blade of 82 mm. I did not see it alive, but it should look interesting, well, and be easier, of course.

Well, for a sweet – flip. Knife – all the same flipper. And it fulfills this function for 100%. Of course it is somewhat strange that in this case CRKT used polypropylene and not bronze washers. But this is a fixable matter, I think I will replace them. Although without them the knife flips very softly, and with weighty impact. All the same, about 90 grams of weight falls on the blade. Of course, not the pucks and forced to play along with a hand with a not too strong movement of a finger on the flipper, but this is also the merit of the mass of the blade. But the washers need to be changed. I do not insist, but I will do it myself.

What is the result? The result was a very powerful knife. At least visually. I will check his endurance only if someone gives one more. As an EDC controversial decision, it is still big and heavy. Perhaps a more compact version, it will be more convenient in daily wear (I will get). Although in principle, nothing terrible and in full size, I do not see. Although as an EDC he has one problem, he looks really worse and more severe than the same CS Recon1. That is, they can scare people, including those who would not want to scare. But we can definitely say that knife at CRKT succeeded. And so it was a success that he will be in my pocket. Yes, the price in the current realities (for those who are not used to the course) of the order of 6 thousand may seem inadequate. But in principle, the knife is quite worth the money, and can be successfully used even without alterations.


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