Crocotool: a mini-knife and multitool for everyday EDC

Who knows me well enough, in the course that I love small knives. More small knives, I love only small strange knives. I have about the following order:

  • Interesting knives with blade type AT (American tanto)
  • Strange knives (for example CRKT Razel and Ringed Razel)
  • Small knives (such as the CRKT Folts Minimalist series)
  • Little strange knives …

And here I was lucky. I was finally answered by a master Evgeny Polukhin (proppinguy). What is its interesting? And it makes you really very, very small knives. Very small. But I wasn’t always been able to go.

And then lucky so lucky. Eugene showed his skeletal multitool with knife function. So here is the version of the revised supplemented. Called Crocotool, a reference to the crocodiles, as wild creatures, but cute. Here is the same story.

I honestly didn’t expect this multitool. Because I thoughtfully watched the video version of the first version. Infiltrated, appreciated and decided to order. Clarified several times:

And definitely not the first version you want? But exactly this little one?

And honestly … I was really stunned when I was given IT. That is, I honestly didn’t anticipate (though they were), HOW MUCH SMALL !!! He is really quite tiddly! That is, in general, from the word at all.

It weighs 12.3 grams without a scabbard and 16 with a scabbard. What did i just say about byrd&Trout? Light? Yes he is compared to Crocotool heavyweight!

In this case, it is 27 centimeters. At the same time quite adult thickness – 3 mm.

As a multitool it is designed for 5 functions:

  • A little bit can be cut.
  • Open the bottle.
  • Open canned food.
  • Twist the cross screws.
  • Unscrew the nuts by 7.

But I can use another one. It is very convenient to pick up the tips of the arrows, which is designed for self-tapping screws.

That is, the gizmo is small (not to say a milliphysical “microscopic”), but functionally makes it more than a full-size knife. Tool means. Moreover, it was designed to be user-friendly. AND Crocotool really comfortable. At a minimum, it can be more convenient to use it. And then you can use a screwdriver / picker, then it can be completely removed from the sheath. It becomes an element that improves ergonomics of the structure.

By itself knife simple, and as already understood – quite functional. This is a piece of iron 440C, with its shape that resembles knives of the “Darkness” type. Without any overlap, note in the chisel. With a simple but high quality finish. The sheath is made from a small piece of piece with three grommets. That is, to wear even on the neck, even on the retractor on the belt. Perhaps the only complaint against them is that they are black.

I lost it in his mess. It doesn’t rush into the eyes. Therefore, it is out of the blue and red.

As for the price … Crocotool 3 thousand rubles. Is it a lot or a little? Well, it would cost 500 rubles. According to it turns out a lot. It is not so scary. It is clear that any kind of production. Decide as usual – you. I bought and very satisfied. A thing, despite its size, is that it is always a charismatic appearance and name.



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