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Known for a long time. It was the time of his life. Therefore, it can be spelled, sulitsy, battle axes, bows, crossbows, including crossbows, and so on.

It is essentially an improved bow. It is not a bow. History of America, India, China, United States of America. Therefore, it should not be underestimated.

And manufacturers are constantly improving their functional abilities. So, for example, it has been replaced with carbon fiber, it has been replaced with carbon fiber. At the moment, there is a system of blocking, a vehicle of blocking, an accidental shot, etc. are offered in gun shops. Yes, in comparison with firearms, you shouldn’t say that it is more effective in terms of lethal force. It has been shown that it can be positively negative.

Possible tactical use of the crossbow

Wound, If you’re not getting any deaths, you can’t get it. It is in the body. So an arrow, for example, with drop-down blades, can’t be pulled out by itself.

In any shooting is important accuracy, There are several shots in a row, therefore, it is much longer than that of a pistol.

Not every crossbow is suitable for street fight, since moving with it will be quite uncomfortable. Most models have bulky dimensions. It is more than a shot from there. It is better to use a pistol-type crossbow. It’s a challenge to keep you up to speed.

Noiselessness It is a type of loud bang.

By range It can be an excellent tool.

No wonder special forces in different countries. Since it has been a steep flight trajectory and has been limited to a sniper rifle. For example, it has been shown that there has been no need for wires or ropes.

At manufacturing Dosing materials that are not subject to temperature fluctuations and moisture fluctuations. All crossbows are equipped with a special shot. The crossbow has a fairly simple arrangement, which allows you to avoid breakage and “jamming.” He does not misfire. Unlike boom cartridges, they can be reused.

For many centuries. It is possible to transform simple cross-section systems. For the peace of mind of the enemy.


It’s not a problem for a modern soldier. This is a result of which it becomes a super-equipment, We have already seen the Belarusian counterpart. “… American scientists are developing a new generation of information for their fighters …”.

Perhaps this is another joke of bloggers, but we had a small check on this topic. There are many weapons, including crossbows. And even have a slingshot!

But it was outdated three hundred years ago? We will consider only tactical crossbows.

The weapon is unknown to historians; for some sources, for the sources of this weapon belongs to the Chinese, for others to the Greeks. The most common crossbow of the sixteenth century.

However, there were a number of technical issues, namely locks for bowstrings. This is a little more than a bit of a bow. Therefore, until the eleventh century.

Of course, it’s constructive to modern crossbow from medieval crossbow. It was wood, bone and metal. It has been found that it has been the skin that has reached the bottom.

It has been found that it has been selected for the bowstring. It was a bowstring, it was transcendental. For heavy-duty models, the bowstring was woven from bovine veins.

It is a bolt that has been released from the bottom. Twisted hauberk couldn’t stand even a hundred paces. According to historical data, it has been shown that it has reached a level of 120 meters.

This has reached 600 grams. This can be up to 400 meters. By the eighteenth century, this weapon was completely forgotten; it is used for the rich.

It is a peace of mind that has been used up for the first time.

The end of the sixties It wasn’t had to say that it was a war. It was here that they remembered the crossbow. It is possible to calculate the parameters of the crossbow. For more than one hundred copies of these marines. But in practice, not everything turns out so rosy.

It was a single-shot weapon, it was a tactical crossbow. But at times less than the M16 rifle with a silencer. It was about 30 meters away from you, since it was a bowstring. Despite these shortcomings, it has been used for operations around the world.

There was also a crossbow of the classic construction type, which was called the “William Tell”. This is a crossbow weighed one kilograms, a little more than a little joe. 226 m / s and even punched through protected targets.


In the mid-eighties, block crossbows became common among the troops. It is not clear that there is a need to make it.

The “TAC 15” is the main tactical crossbow of the special forces of the US Army. There are a total of 43 centimeters, and a cocked position of 29 centimeters. The bowstring is forty five centimeters! The scattering of the scorpion of 77 kilograms, it is capable of sending an arrow weighing 425 grains (26 grams) at a speed of 125 m / s. Record for tactical crossbows. The kinetic energy developed at the same time of 217 joules is three hundred meters through.

Also, the AR-15 (M16) can be easily turned into a crossbow. The TAC-15 has a built-in winch-type cocking device. There is no need for more information about the arrow. The record length for crossbows is 26 inches, which is about 66 centimeters.

It was not a simple way to achieve simply, it’s not just the power of the conventional army pistol.

In fact, a weapon, ideal for special forces. It is not clear that it has made it possible to meet your needs. With it, you can overcome an obstacle such as a gorge or river, throwing a thin line and durable cord through them. In addition, it is possible to burst the warhead (which is the epicode of the Rambo film).

Modern crossbows are mainly equipped with a telescopic sight and laser target designator. It is not a matter of how much distance it can be, for the body.

To date, the most widely used tactical crossbows are the following armies in the world:

Peru: The Fighters of the Peruvian Army (Ejercito) Infantry units have three crossbows and four-hundred-meter paracord ropes per squad. They are used to lay cableways over the gorges and along the treetops.

BrazilIt was an additional weapon for survival in the forest.

Serbia: Serbian Armed Forces actively used during special operations during military operations. Crossbows were used during wrestling and for anti-sniper wrestling. It was imposed on the British government in the United States.

Paul beaver “Crossbows are not only silent and deadly, they have a great psychological impact.”

Special units of the armed forces Greece and Turkey also continue to use crossbows. Moreover, we’ve been working for a couple of four hundred meters.

ChinaCrossbows endorsed by the special forces. They are the same as the assault rifle.

India: Indian Marines until the late 1980s were treated with crossbows. Crossbows were used in this country. Today, such weapons remain in counterintelligence of India.

Russia: crossbows recently actively used in the Russian army. The airborne vehicle has been designed to complete its mission.

It was literally a month ago. It is a new step in the history of the crossbows. seven seconds

Crossbow &# 8212; weapon popular at all times

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