Crossbow shooting: Is this skill of survival important?

Why learn to shoot a crossbow?

Many people agree to survive the TV series The Walking Dead. Have you seen Daryl Dixon deftly zombie poured from him? But this is a movie, though. The vast majority will say: “Why do we need this crossbow? For survival, there is nothing better than a rifle or shotgun. To protect yourself, to go hunting. “However, you can help you survive.

But it is still a bit of a chain of firearms. Yes, and for self-defense is useful.

The benefits of using a crossbow

Though crossbows are not defensive weapon, even there are some pluses. The crossbow is silent. You can, of course, use the bow as well, just like John Rambo, but he can. A crossbow with optics will suit many. Let’s try it better than a firearm?

Silent shooting

The noise will still be there. This is especially critical during the wild animals. The crossbow is almost silent. In situations where secrecy is critical, a crossbow will help you out a lot. You need some space for maneuvering and aiming. In the open area of ​​the building. Well, no matter how much you can shoot, you can’t make it.

Infinite ammo

Theoretically, of course. If you are not broken, of course. Do not work out the shot at the time of the hunt. True if you are not very apt. shoot a crossbow, forest and problems will arise.

However, experienced survivors who have been reused on the crossbow, learn to make bolts from scrap materials. Common wooden bolts. There is no other way to replenish ammunition.

Easy to shoot with a crossbow

You need to take any special skills. It is very easy to use. However, the problems of a beginner. You will also need to take into account the reload time, which will be longer than that of a firearm. Spend some time training, and get used to the features. crossbow shooting.

Another interesting advantage is the ability to crossbow bolts as incendiary shots. Need to quietly set fire to a building with enemies? Wrap the bolt with rags, dip into fuel, ignite and fire. True, this will unmask your firing position, so consider this.

There is a fly in the ointment. From the crossbow at a time, you can shoot only one bolt. Recharge time is inversely proportional to the rate of fire. Missed – spend some time on a new attempt. It is not very convenient for transportation and, especially, for secretive wearing. However, you can’t always be able to carry a belt.

Crossbow – the perfect weapon for survival?

For self-defense, firearms would still be preferable. The crossbow is almost perfect for hunting. If you are a woman, you can’t get them in. Even while hunting in the forest.

Final verdict

Yes, the advantages are still obvious. If it comes to the forest, it hunts and occasionally pre-emptively eliminates the enemies of choice. It is a lot of harm. Spend some time training to understand all the features. crossbow shooting.

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Crossbow shooting: Is this skill of survival important?

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