Crossbows for special forces since the Second World War

Honestly, the very phrase “battle crossbow“The weapon of this weapon. Yes you can do crossbow, which will be effectively applied in combat conditions. It will yield silent firearm. But as a “special weapon”, it is much more effective. And they thought about it even during the Second World War.

Actually, the development was carried out in Nazi Germany. But if you are one Alas, the Germans did not succeed. Yes, relatively imperfect rifles with silencers still exceeded the crossbow in terms of convenience, rate of fire and stopping power. So the SS troops refused this idea.

But the British were much better. Actually, the very concept of a “pocket crossbow” belongs to them. This is a little Joe – a vertical pistol-type crossbow.

Little joe

Yeah. Tiny crossbow with aluminum shoulders and a rubber band as a bowstring.

The rate of fire is disgusting (5-7 shots per minute), the sighting range is 27 meters, the distance is quite decent. Noiselessness, small dimensions (330×203 mm), light weight (within 1 kg), everything is fine. Is that tires wear out quickly – 60-80 shots and that’s it. But for special purpose weapons, this is not so critical. This weapon couldn’t be equipped with a sight. Not only in the usual way.

As the tests showed, crossbow turned out relatively successful. So much so that he was even released into mass production. Inspired by the success, the British began to improve this weapon. Transforming power and ease of use.

Big Joe – 5

Complete special purpose crossbow. Crossbow for special forces. But in real combat, he never participated. But it could be about 250 kg (about 40–100 kg), it’s about 40–12 kg. At least one punch through light defense. Handle folding and folding stock. It is somewhat convenient to use, although somewhat cumbersome. The firearms increased significantly. And low rate of fire crossbow no more allowed counterparts.

Wilhelm Tell

“Intermediate” form. Layout like u classic crossbow, size of the piston, as is the case of the Little Joe. Pistol grip and really convenient use. Here are just weighed this crossbow and the sighting range gave 30-49 meters. But ergonomics. Although he showed up well in the shooting range.

World War II showed that fighting crossbows, alas, inferior firearm with silencers in almost all respects. However, this weapon also has something pretty well even in modern special forces – versatility. Crossbows can shoot an extremely large range of projectile. Bangs, bolts, incendiary bolts, blenders, bolts This is a real description of what is quite realistic. Well, intercept block crossbows noise levels are approximately equal. It’s not shooting crossbow. Oh, not just like that.

Combat crossbows of the Second World War

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