Crossing on ice through reservoirs and rivers, the procedure and safety rules for crossing.

When crossing the ice, before the group enters the ice, it is necessary to check its condition, then take all necessary safety measures. Loosen the straps of the backpack, set the distance between the participants 5-7 meters and maintain it until reaching the opposite shore. With access to the ice, keep the rope ready, and each participant to have a pole. 

Crossing on ice through reservoirs and rivers, the procedure and safety rules for crossing.

When walking on ice, you must establish the order of movement. The first is an experienced tourist with or without a lightweight backpack. Its task is to choose a safe path. Participants should stop talking and focus on mobility. Follow one trail all.

and follow the instructions of the leader. It is necessary to drop into the water the end of the rope and with its help pull it to the edge of the wormwood. Then you need to help the victim get out on the ice. If he alone cannot get out of the water, then he should creep up to him, moving the poles in front of him. Having created a support from the poles on both sides, start the ascent from the water by removing the backpack from it. The exit from the water to the ice should be carried out crawling, leaning on poles, while pulling the rope.

Do not immediately kneel or get up. Ice can not stand and break off. The victim must be helped to quickly get to the nearest shore. All actions must be coordinated. With access to the shore, you should immediately light a fire, undress and grind the victim, put on dry clothes, drink hot tea, put him in a sleeping bag, give a sedative to relieve stress.

If after some time the participant’s well-being does not recover, then you should leave the route and go to the nearest village to provide professional medical care. In addition, you need to remember that snow absorbs water as well as a sponge. Therefore, before you find the opportunity to dry your wet clothes (if you don’t have to change anything), you must lie in the snow and ride in it for some time.

When crossing on ice, the following safety rules must be observed..

When using poles, poles as a support and railing, it is necessary to check their strength.
When crossing the snow bridge, make sure its strength.
Walking on ice is necessary only in tourist shoes, with a steepness of 15-20 degrees in cats.
Do not stand or approach the edge of the crack without insurance.
Cross cracks clogged with snow only after checking.
The insurer must carefully monitor the actions of the partner and promptly issue or choose a rope, prevent it from sagging a lot, work in mittens.
Jump through the crack only if you are sure that you will jump.
Only one at a time and with reliable insurance.
Crossing water bodies, lakes, rivers on ice into fog, rain, snowstorm is unacceptable.
In autumn and spring, when ice is not strong enough on water bodies, lakes and rivers, proceed only with the observance of safety rules..
In an emergency, action must be fast and confident..

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