Crowd in panic

Generally stay in the crowd – This is a common thing for the modern city dweller. Public transport, shops, supermarkets, shopping centers. Yes, even traffic jam is, in fact, a crowd of people. They just sit in different cars.

It is clear and well known. Keep track of your pockets and bags. It is not a danger. If you’re on the epicenter of any events? And the events caused by any negative impact.

We will include man-made disasters and Act of terrorism. It is these things that transform the crowd it’s a terrible phenomenon.

Behavior in the crowd

Given that the crowd It is often tracked in any way. It is either there or not.

If you have come somewhere, then. Understand where the stairs, elevators and escalators. Ideally, where you are. Unfortunately, this is not always a possible metro station. If you are a horse, then find a horse.

This is why:

  • Inputs and Outputs. This will be necessary in order to understand where it can be.
  • Interior elements. Colonnades and other massive elements of safety.
  • Hazardous locations. Railing (in the case of multi-level shopping centers). Glass display cases (this is generally a problem, because they are always and everywhere).
  • Features of the local transport network. If you’re not up for a moment, you’ll be stuck on it. It will be clear that people will go there.

Do not need. Anything else will not critically affect your actions.

How to survive in the crowd

Now about the most the crowd. It is a group of two categories:

  • High density crowd.
  • Low density crowd.

Each option has its own characteristics and differences. We will talk about them at the end.

This is a very good example of the subway escalators. In fact, it is a crush. It is always in contact with three or four other people. In this case, nothing really depends on your movements. It will be a crush, you will trample you. This is where the crowd is dragging you. This is not a stumble task.

But nominally your task is survive in a panicked crowd, which is breaking in some directions. Technically, we can break:

1. The beginning of a general panic

Something banged, banged, pulled by smoke, someone ran, someone screamed. And away we go.

There is a chance that this will be the case. not the fact that it will be right). Either be completely out of the way and escape somewhere.

2. Movement towards the crowd

It’s all quite simple. The most important thing is not to fall. If you fell, you cranks. And only you can save you a situation like this.

If you caught up in the crowd be it cover your chest with your elbow, putting it in front of you. It is a great deal of time for joints, especially for compression, for a long time. If you have a bag or backpack, then you need to be on your chest. If you are talking about bags / bags / shopping bags, then drop them nafig. There are certain types of deaths that can be seen.

Cover with one hand. Cling to others. If you’re falling or stumbled, you’re going ahead. The most important thing here is to “cling.” Falling away It is very important that it is very important. Otherwise, the effect of “drowning” will work, when, while rescuing the waters of the drowns. You will be trampled.

Try not to scream. Move silently, do not shout, do not talk. Try to breathe as much as possible. Most importantly, try to move in the center of the crowd, not to be at the wall. The exit is very difficult.

3. Exit

Any exit from the scene of the bottleneck effect. Try to exit through a small exit zone. Either way, this effect occurs anyway. panic exit crowd.

If you’re at the center of the crowd In this case, you have a chance to survive on the way out. If you are not so lucky, then you can’t get it. It is for this purpose that it is intended. The fact is that crowd acts on the principle of water flow. It can’t be taken down, then it’s kind of “a quiet harbor“In which there is a chance to take a break and wait out the active crowd movement.

If you are pruned to the wall, then try to keep it. It is better not to be distracted by their retention. It is a purely mechanical process. Do you need to get your hands on it? There is a chance that there will be a problem.

After you left – at the maximum angle. It was enthusiastically trampling down to the ground.

The subject of panic:

  1. Try to start a panic either get out of the crowd and get out.
  2. Do not fight, do not wave your hands, cover yourself with your elbow (one), leave the other hand for the hooks.
  3. Do not cry and do not make noise. Silence will save your breath.
  4. Hang the backpack and bags in front of you.
  5. If you feel that burden interferes – throw off.
  6. Do not try to interfere crowd move.
  7. On the way look for shelter, where you can at least take a break.
  8. As soon as possible go the other way.

Now about the other nuances. In the beginning we already said that crowd may be of several types. Very conditionally, we divided it into “high” and “low” density. Each has its own nuances and features.

High density crowd

  • Low travel speed
    The density of the crowd moves very slowly.
  • Structurality and organization
    Oddly enough, but self-generated structure quickly forms a kind of organization. Uncontrolled motion in a certain direction.
  • Extremely small room for maneuver
    Maneuvering in such a crowd is impossible. In fact, all at the level of luck. Neither training, nor any skills here will help. Only competent movement with all.
  • Inability to organize group interaction
    The crowd of high density completely deprives. That is, if you’re on your own team In the case of a group of at least 10 people. At the same time, the group should be worked out, organized and prepared.
  • Threatened walls and exit points.
    In order to avoid any elemental crushing, you can avoid any obstacles.

Low density crowd

  • High travel speed
    It is a group of people who disperses quickly. People can even run.
  • Randomness
    It is not immediately determined. Until it is determined, people rush like a night at night. This is the moment that most of the trampling happens.
  • Great opportunity to maneuver
    It is more likely to find a shelter of the panic.
  • High probability of success
    You can’t get to the bottom of the crowd. Therefore, if you find yourself in a certain situation, you should try to find a way out. It can be a woman, a woman, a woman, a pregnant woman, a child. In addition, the movement in a group makes movement along walls safe. And you can push the weaker closer to the exit.
  • “In the center of the world”
    Place as quickly as possible. And they move towards the exit along the shortest path. It works in a state of stress. If he sees a person, he sees nothing but him. And breaking for him with maximum speed. Knocking everyone who gets in his way.
    There is a chance that she has been knocked down by another runner. Well, at the exit, there’s still a crowd that is aggravated by the people.

And finally, a pretty painful subject.

Close people and children in the crowd

You must come across. It is easier to separate.

As for children, there is a question of luck. It has been a lot of attention. But, unfortunately, it’s not possible. Most importantly, he left his hand. The rest is your discretion, fear and risk. I have no children, so I can not say anything here. It is clear.

In a situation low density crowds children are always in the center. If there is a movement, it’s not a problem.

Here in this “acceptance”. I wish you never get your head.

Own security

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