Cruise missile “Caliber” or a nightmare ISIS

Hey, it’s a little bit different. prohibited in Russia). Group of rocket ship (RK) “Dagestan” and three small rocket ships (MRK) – “City Sviyazhsk”, “Uglich”, “Great Ustyug” delivered a missile strike with 26 cruise missiles “Caliber”. Islamic State in Syria. The event was caused by a widespread response in the UN, where almost unanimously Russia was convicted of bombing. The media is also cried: In many countries there has been a sharp jump up in the production of building materials. The Troops and Chairborne had to regroup. And it was from what:

  • The missile strike was carried out with the latest weapons.
  • The rockets hit with 100% success.
  • Damage to civilian buildings and civilians has not been caused.
  • Hitting targets, covered 1,500 kilometers over the two countries.

Roman legionnaires were terribly afraid of fighting Carthaginian elephants. Riders on horseback. Wehrmacht veterans And now it is time for a new nightmare.

Cruise missile 3M14 “Caliber”

TTH rocket 3M14 “Caliber”
NATO classification SS-N-27 “Sizzler” (eng. “Ashbringer”)
Year of adoption 2012
Length, m 8.1
Case diameter, mm 514
Wingspan, m 3.3
Initial flight weight, kg 1320
Available warheads High explosive nuclear
Flight range with high-explosive warhead, km gt; 1500
Flight range with nuclear warhead, km 2600

A bit of history. The “Caliber” has a “Father of the Sea,” also 3M10 “Pomegranate”. According to the parameters of the rocket, it is different. For example, the Granat missile was completely universal. In addition, a high-explosive warhead could not be installed on the “Pomegranate”.

Both “Pomegranate” and “Caliber” were released OKB (Experienced Design Bureau – note Last day club) “Innovator”. This bureau since 1947 has been engaged in the development and production of anti-aircraft and rocket technology. “So we’ve given you one!” And so, in 2012, the design engineers released a statement.

NATO countries, of course, also have Caliber, even if they were invented earlier. This is the American “Tomahawk.” It was created even somewhat earlier than the “Grenade” itself. It has been a long time since the missiles have been written. And after so long

But back to our “Calibram.” As we have already mentioned, the rocket is universal in terms of basing. Start can be made from various complexes:

  • Club-n, it was fired at ISIS from the waters of the Caspian Sea.
  • Club-u, Also available in a modular version, it can work autonomously.
  • Club-s, which is installed on submarines. Missiles are launched from torpedo tubes.
  • Club-m. These are coastal mobile missile systems.
  • Club-k – container complexes. The most curious method of basing these missiles. That is the launch ship that can be made that transports the potatoes. Much familiar to the film “Gunsmith”?
  • With airplanes. The name of the complex could not be established.

During the trials in 2013. 7, they were first used in a combat situation. Moreover, the enemy didn’t even suspect the fundamentally deformed its infrastructure.

After the attack on the Internet, it’s a joke. Google maps became a ruler. Users measure 1500 km from the Russian seashore and scratched their heads in a puzzled way.

Let’s hope that weapons of such power will no longer be used.

Cruise missile &# 171; Caliber&# 187; or ISIS nightmare

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