Culinary recipes for burdock dishes, soup, mashed potatoes and salads from burdock, preparation of burdock.

Burdock is a large herbaceous plant 60-120 centimeters high. The whole plant is very pubescent, especially baskets. It blooms in June and July. In the Middle Ages, burdock was used as a vegetable. In Japan, burdock is still considered a garden crop and is cultivated under the name gobo. Young leaves and stems of burdock contain vitamin C, essential oils and tannins, and the roots are polysaccharide, inulin, protein and other useful substances.. 

Young leaves and stalks of burdock are used in vinaigrettes, borscht, broths, botvini. Raw roots, baked as a substitute for potatoes and fried to make a coffee-like drink.

Culinary recipes for burdock dishes, soup, mashed potatoes and salads from burdock, preparation of burdock.

Burdock soup.

Burdock (leaves) 100 g + onions 40 g + rice 20 g + butter 10 g + potatoes 100 g + meat broth or water 230 g + salt, spices. In boiling water or broth add prepared rice and chopped potatoes. Cook for 10-15 minutes. Then add chopped burdock leaves and sauteed onions. Cook until tender. Salt and add spices.

Burdock puree.

Grind to a pasty state: clean leaves of burdocks (1 kg) one-year roots (500 g), sorrel (100 g), dill or parsley (30 g). Pepper and salt to taste. Use in the preparation of soups, salads and as a garnish seasoning for meat and fish dishes.

Fried burdock roots.

Washed and chopped burdock roots (500 g) boil in salted water. Then put in a preheated pan and fry in oil (50 g).

Baked burdock roots.

Roots peel, wash and bake.

Burdock root in dough.

750 g burdock roots + 3 tbsp. flour + 5 tbsp water + 2 small eggs + salt + pepper + frying oil. The root is taken from the plants of the first year in the fall or early spring. Roots cleanse. Wash. Boil for half an hour. Cut into circles, 0.5 cm thick. Pour the flour with water and let it swell for half an hour. Add eggs, salt, pepper. Mix. Dip burdock root into dough and fry until crispy.

Burdock or coltsfoot stuffed cabbage.

10 pieces. burdock leaves or coltsfoot + 1 cup boiled rice + 1 pc. carrots + 1 pc. onions + 0.5 cups of tomato paste. Chop the carrots and onions and fry in oil. Mix with rice. Wrap in leaves and simmer, bay with tomato diluted with water. Cooking time 35 minutes.

Burdock and Dill Salad.

150 g of fresh leaves of burdocks + 100 g of dill + 50 g of horseradish root + 2 tbsp. tablespoons sour cream + salt, pepper to taste. Leaves of burdock dip in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Remove and allow water to drain. Cut in small pieces. Grate the horseradish root. Chop the dill. Mix everything, salt, pepper, season with sour cream.

Or: 150 g of leaves + 50 g of horseradish + 50g of green onion + 20g of sour cream + salt. Lower the washed leaves for 1 2 minutes in boiling water. To dry. To grind. Stir with the onion. Add grated horseradish, season with sour cream.

Burdock Salad.

Wash the roots, peel, finely chop. Stir the resulting mass (100 g) with chopped cabbage (40 g) and carrots (40 g). Season with mayonnaise (30 g) and salt (to taste).

Burdock Salad.

The stems of young burdock + dill seed + garlic + vegetable oil + salt. Burdock stalks and cut into cubes 2-3 cm. Boil in salted water for 10 minutes. Remove and allow water to drain. Place the stems in a container and sprinkle with dill seed. Chop the garlic. To mix. Add some vegetable oil. Press on top with a flat object. Let it brew for several hours. Eat better with meat.

Korean burdock.

Soak 500 g of green (not red!) Sprouts of burdocks, not more than 30 cm high, with leaves not yet blooming, soak overnight in cold water. Boil for 20 minutes in salted water. Pour the broth. Remove the peel from the stems and cut into 5-6 cm pieces.

Put in boiling vegetable oil (300 g) until compressed. Remove from oil. To salt. Spice up. Add soy sauce (or pomegranate extract). Sprinkle with toasted and crushed sesame, pumpkin or sunflower seed. Add crushed garlic (2 cloves) and chopped onion (1/4 large onion) and simmer until cooked.

Pickled Burdock Roots.

Wash the roots, peel, scald with boiling water, cool. Boil the marinade in boiling water, pour the roots in banks into them. Pasteurize and close hermetically. Prepare the marinade, as for pouring cucumbers or tomatoes.

Salty burdock.

Fold green burdock sprouts (no longer than 30 cm), soaked in cold water, in an enameled bowl, sprinkling with salt, a 5 cm thick burdock layer + 1 cm thick salt layer. Put a wooden lid with a load on top. Soak when used.

Burdock Jam.

Carefully pour in water (1 l) vinegar essence (50 g), bring to a boil. In the boiling liquid, lower the burdock roots (1 kg) passed through the meat grinder and cook until tender.

Burdock Jam.

Grind the roots of burdock (400 g) and leaf-ginger (200 g), cook them until soft in a small amount of water, rub through a sieve, add granulated sugar (1 kg) and cook until cooked.

Burdock Coffee Drink.

Wash, dry and fry the roots of burdocks of the first year of life until brown. To grind. Brew like cocoa, at the rate of 1-2 teaspoons per 1 cup of boiling water.

Based on the book Survival beyond the threshold of civilization.
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