Culinary recipes for dishes and drinks from primrose or primrose, salad and soup from primrose.

Primrose or Primrose is a perennial plant with long and abundant flowering. Popular names: primrose officinalis, medicinal primrose, large-cup primrose, rams, lamb, God’s handles, golden keys, jaundice, copper plum and others. Many types of primrose bloom early spring, one of the first. Sometimes even before the snow completely melts. 

The primrose grows in forests, glades and edges, in the steppe zone on fertile and moist soils. The rhizome contains saponins, essential oil and glycosides, saponins in the leaves, and saponins and flavonoids in the flowers. Just 2-3 fresh leaflets are enough to cover the adult’s daily requirement for vitamin C.

The valuable quality of the primrose is the support and strengthening of the human body’s immunity. Flowers can be used in video decoctions and infusions for migraines, neuralgia, colds, gout and rheumatism, for insomnia, for coughing. Tea from flowers and leaves with vitamin deficiency. Alcohol tincture as a sedative for insomnia and overexcitation. Infusion of leaves for gout, kidney and bladder diseases.

Culinary recipes for dishes and drinks from primrose or primrose, salad and soup from primrose.

Outwardly, a rinse for rinsing the throat, larynx and bronchitis. Salads, cabbage soup, soups, okroshka, drinks can be prepared from young fresh primrose leaves. Leaves can be prepared for future use. Leaf powder is well stored in a sealed container.

Culinary recipes for dishes and drinks from primrose or primrose.

Primrose Omelet.

Egg + primrose leaves + milk + butter 10 g. Finely chop the leaves. Stew in butter for several minutes. Pour in a mixture of eggs and milk. To salt. Mix. Fry.

Pasta with primrose leaves.

4 tbsp. tablespoons of fat cottage cheese + 100 g of cream cheese + fresh primrose leaves + dill + salt. Rinse leaves, dry, cut, grind into a paste. Mix with cottage cheese and cream cheese. Add the dill. Mix. Instead of fresh leaves, you can use leaf powder.

Primrose Salad.

Primrose leaves + boiled beets + green onions + sour cream + salt. Leaves (flowers can be used), beets, onions, cut and mix. To salt. Add, if available, sour cream.

Primrose and Carrot Salad.

Primrose leaves + carrots + garlic + mayonnaise or sour cream. Finely chop the leaves. Mix with grated carrots, chopped garlic. Mix. Add sour cream or mayonnaise.

Soup with primrose leaves.

Primrose leaves + millet + carrots + onions + butter + meat broth or water + salt + spices. Add millet to the boiling ox or broth. Boil. Add: sautéed carrots and onions + leaves + salt + spices.

Primrose drink.

Powder from roots and leaves + honey + water. Powder from the roots and leaves pour 2 cups boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes. Strain. Add honey. Mix. Cool.

Tea with primrose and hypericum.

Mix equal parts of dried hypericum and primrose and use as tea leaves.

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