Culinary recipes for dishes and drinks from bulrush and cattail, salads, soups and mashed potatoes from bulrush and cattail.

The reeds are sometimes called plants Rogoz and Reed. But this is not true, since they belong to other families. Bulrush can be easily distinguished from reed and cattail. The cattail has long leaves and dark brown cobs on the tops, consisting of pressed fluffs. The reeds are narrower and longer than the reeds, as well as a whisk of flowers at the end of a long stem. 

The reeds stand in the water in the form of a high round twig without panicles and ears. Only at the end of July on the top of the smooth stem does a small tassel of spiny brown spikelets appear.

Culinary recipes for dishes and drinks from bulrush and cattail, salads, soups and mashed potatoes from bulrush and cattail.


Distributed everywhere. Height is about 2 meters. The rhizome is thick, creeping, hollow. The rhizome is edible. In spring and autumn, it contains a lot of starch and sugars. Therefore, boiling it over low heat in water, periodically replacing the boiled rhizome with a fresh one, you can get sweet syrup. And evaporating water completely sugar.

Culinary recipes for dishes and drinks from bulrush and cattail, salads, soups and mashed potatoes from bulrush and cattail.

The rhizome of reeds can be baked on charcoal or in ash, like potatoes. From dried rhizomes you can cook flour and bake bread. Edible and basal part of the stem is white (in spring). It tastes juicy and sweet. It can be used for dressing potato, cereal and meat soups.

Forest reeds.

A close relative of lake reeds. Despite its name, forest reeds grow in swamps, on overgrown lakes, on the swampy banks of rivers, ponds, reservoirs, and in lowlands of moist meadows. In the forest, if it is a swampy, very humid forest. That is, it grows where there is constantly stagnant water. Perennial. Height about meter.

Reed Rooting.

Very similar to forest reeds. The difference is apart from the upright flowering stems from the rhizome of this reed, lateral shoots grow, which are bent by an arc to the soil and rooted in it by their apex. Having reached the ground, they give rooted rosettes at the ends where they form a new plant. And sometimes a small inflorescence, consisting of a small number of branches, which are located in the axils of the upper leaves of the shoot. Thickets of this type of reeds reduce water pollution. Grows on the moist sandy and silty banks of rivers and lakes, on grassy swamps. Rhizomes contain a lot of starch. You can make flour from dry rhizomes.

Reed bristle-shaped.

Annual plant. Grows in damp sandy places. Height is about 3 to 20 cm.

Reed sea.

Perennial with creeping rhizome. Stem height 50-100 cm.

Tabernemontan reeds.

It looks like a reed lake. It features yellowish-white longitudinal stripes on the stem. The stems are completely yellow in the spring. In the summer they turn green. Height is about 1.5 meters. Grows in water, especially brackish.

Culinary recipes for dishes and drinks from reeds.

Reed shoot soup.

Reed shoots + carrots + parsley + celery + onions + green onions + tomato paste + potatoes + butter + sour cream or cream + salt. Chop and fry parsley, carrots, celery and onions with the addition of tomato paste. Cut the shoots of reeds, dip into boiling water for a couple of minutes. Drain the water. Chop potatoes. Add boiled vegetables to boiling broth or water. Boil for half an hour over low heat. At the end of cooking, add chopped green onions.

Reed rhizome puree.

Rhizomes + butter + milk + salt. Boil rhizomes of reeds in salted water until tender. Drain the water. Grind rhizomes into a paste. Into the hot mass, stirring continuously, add hot boiled milk and butter. To salt. Mix the mixture until smooth..

Reed Shoot Salad.

Young shoots of reeds + spring onions + boiled eggs + mayonnaise + dill + salt. Rinse shoots and onion greens twice and rinse. Chop. To salt. Grind boiled eggs. Mix everything. Add mayonnaise and dill.

Forcemeat for cane pie.

The roots of reeds – 300 g + onion + sunflower oil + spices + salt. Rinse the roots well. Boil until tender. Grind to a paste. Add the fried onions. To salt. Add spices. Mix everything. Ready-made mince can also be used as a side dish for meat and fish dishes.

Dried rhizome rhizomes.

In spring, before flowering begins or in late autumn, rhizome rhizomes are removed from the water. Rinse. Cut into pieces. Dry in the sun. Then grind into flour. You can bake bread and other products, like from ordinary grain flour.

Marinated reed shoots.

1 liter of vinegar + 1 liter of water + 3 g of bay leaf + 1.5 g of cinnamon, cloves, allspice and bitter pepper + about 20 g of fine salt. Marinade: boil salt + water for a quarter of an hour. At the end, add spices and vinegar. After that, warm the marinade for 20 minutes without bringing to a boil. The next day, warm the marinade again to 90-95 degrees with spices. Cool. Filter through a cloth (gauze).

Spices remaining on the filter should be added to the shoots of reeds when laying them in the dishes. Rinse young shoots of reeds, boil for a couple of minutes. Stack in glass jars. Pour completely with chilled marinade: 1 liter of marinade about 1.2 kilograms of reed shoots.

Reed Root Coffee Drink.

Rinse the roots of reeds, grind, dry, fry until dark brown, grind into powder 1 teaspoon in a glass of boiling water. Boil. Let stand. To filter. Add sugar.

Culinary recipes for Rogoz dishes and drinks.

Rogoz is the most common aquatic plant. Broadleaf cattail differs from narrow-leaved cattail with wider leaves up to 2 cm. As well as male and female ears almost touching each other. Both species are edible..

The rhizome of cattail is thick, branched, horizontal. Rhizomes of both species are edible. They contain a lot of starch, protein and up to 12% sugar. You can make flour from them. And also bake, fry, cook, dry, etc. Boil young flowering shoots, pickle, eat raw salad, etc. To taste, they resemble asparagus..

Rogoza rhizomes stewed with potatoes.

200 g of young rhizomes and shoots of cattail + 150 g of potatoes + dill + fat + spices. Wash rhizomes and shoots of cattail, cut, boil in salted water for about 10 minutes. Drain the water. Mix cattail with potatoes. Add fat. To salt. Fry until cooked.

Cattail salad.

Thoroughly shoot cattail shoots (5-10 cm long) thoroughly rinse, cut and boil in salt water. Drain the water. Sorrel cut. Mix everything. To salt. Add pepper, vinegar and vegetable oil.

Cattail soup.

Rogoz 150 g + carrots 10 g + onions 15 g + fat + sour cream 20 g + broth or water 350 g + salt + pepper. Wash rhizomes and shoots, cut. Soak in vinegar. To grind. Cook until tender. Add the fried onions and carrots. Boil.

Roguez puree.

Chop the shoots and rhizomes of cattail. Add horseradish, salt, vinegar. Mix. Let it brew. Use for meat and fish dishes.

Salmon cattail with sorrel.

1 kg of rhizomes and young shoots of cattail + 500 g of washed grease + 100 g of salt + 15 g of caraway seeds. Grinded washed rhizomes and young shoots of cattail and sorrel. Put in a container for salting. Add salt and caraway seeds. Mix. Store in a cool place..

Coffee drink from cattail roots.

Rinse cattail roots, grind, dry. Then fry until dark brown. To grind. Brew like coffee.

Based on the book Survival beyond the threshold of civilization.
Nagorsky S.V..

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