Culinary recipes for dishes from plantain, soups and salads with plantain.

Plantain is a well-known herbaceous plant with a shortened stem, a rooted rosette of leaves and small flowers gathered in a simple spike at the end of the stem of the flower arrow. The leaves of the large plantain are rather large, broad-ovate, long-stemmed. The inflorescence of brown flowers is long, cylindrical. 

The middle plantain has smaller elliptical, short-leaved leaves. The inflorescence is less long of pale pink flowers. The whole plant is rough-pubescent. The plantain of the lanceolate has furrowed stems, the lanceolate castings, like the stems, are pressed-fluffy, the inflorescence is short, almost ovate. Grows on grassy dry slopes of the foothills and in the middle mountain zone.

In the meadows, there is another fourth type of plantain, maximum, having white flowers in the inflorescence with rough-fluffy stems and leaves. In appearance it looks like a large plantain.

Plantain recipes, plantain soups and salads.

Cabbage soup with plantain leaves.

Finely chop 150 grams of clean young leaves of plantain, dip into a semi-prepared broth, season with plenty of green onions and herbs. Add boiled egg.

Plantain Salad with Meat.

Plantain leaves 150 g + meat 100 g + green onion 25 g + grated horseradish 20 g + salt + mayonnaise (sour cream or spicy sauce) 30-50 g + dill and parsley. Cut the leaves, add chopped boiled or fried meat, or sausage, or sausages, or ham, hard-boiled egg, grated horseradish, green onion, salt. Season with mayonnaise, or sour cream, or hot sauce. Sprinkle with dill and parsley.

Plantain, nettle and celery salad.

50 g of young, not coarse plantain leaves + 10 g of nettle leaves + 20 g of celery leaves + 10 g of onions + 50 g of vegetable oil. Chop the leaves. Mix. Add oil.

Natural pumpkin with plantain.

Pumpkin 3 tbsp. l., plantain 6 leaves + vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l + salt to taste. Rinse the pumpkin thoroughly. Cut into pieces, removing seeds with pulp. Do not peel the skin. Then grate the pumpkin, and grind the seeds with pulp so that a pasty mass is obtained, which must be added to the grated pumpkin. Rinse the plantain, finely chop and mix with the prepared pumpkin. Add salt, vegetable oil.

This salad is well served with meat, fish and as an independent dish. You can season it with sour cream, mayonnaise or yogurt. The composition of this salad can also include wild edible plants: nettle, quinoa, etc. And also: onions and green onions.

Salad with red cabbage and plantain.

Red cabbage 50 g + plantain 25 g + egg 1 pc. + vegetable oil 10 g + salt. Soft-boiled egg, peel and cut into two parts. Lay on a dish. Chopped red cabbage to combine with finely chopped plantain Salt. Lay the resulting mass in half the eggs and pour over vegetable oil.

Plantain, colza, quinoa, starfish and dill salad.

Chop young leaves of plantain, colza, quinoa and stellate (25 g each). Add vinegar, granulated sugar and dill (1-2 g each). Mix everything. Salt to taste.

Dressing dry soup from plantain leaves.

Wash young leaves, dry slightly in air, then continue drying in the shade. To grind. Store in glass jars. Use for dressing soups and cabbage soup.

Plantain leaf vinaigrette.

10-15 leaves of plantain + 1 carrot + 2 beets + 1/2 cup sauerkraut + 3 pickles + 2 apples + 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil + parsley + salt to taste. Wash the leaves, dry and chop finely. Rinse the cabbage. Wash the beets, boil, cool, peel and grate on a coarse grater. Wash the carrots, boil, cool, peel and cut into small cubes or straws.

Wash the apples, peel, remove the core and cut the pulp into small slices. Peel the cucumbers and cut into cubes. Mix everything, salt and season with vegetable oil. Ready vinaigrette can be decorated with parsley branches.

Stuffed cabbage from plantain.

Young leaves of plantain -10 pcs + boiled rice 1 cup + carrots 1 pc + raisins 0.5 cup + sour cream 1 cup. Cook carrots, cut into small cubes, mix with rice, raisins. Wrap the minced meat in the leaves of the plantain, put the stuffed cabbage in a container. Pour with sour cream diluted with water (1: 1). Stew for 15 minutes. Can be baked until golden brown.

Plantain, onion, horseradish, nettle salad.

Plantain (young leaves) 50 g + onion 30 g + grated horseradish 20 g + nettle (sorrel) 20 g + egg 1/2 pcs + sour cream 15 g + 3% vinegar 3 g + salt. Prepared leaves of plantain and nettle put in boiling water for 1 2 minutes. Remove and allow water to drain. To grind. Add chopped onions, grated horseradish. To salt. Sprinkle with finely chopped boiled egg. Pour sour cream.

Plantain stewed with greens.

Rinse and chop 200 grams of plantain leaves + 50 grams of green onions + 30 grams of carrots + 50 grams of primrose. Add 10 grams of flour and 10 grams of butter. Stew chopped greens of plantain in a small amount of water. 20-15 minutes before cooking, add sautéed onions and sorrel. When the greens become soft, season with flour, salt and pepper.

Plantain salad with nuts.

Leaves of plantain 400 g + grated nuts kernels 1 tbsp. spoon + honey 1 tbsp. spoon + sunflower oil 1 tbsp. a spoon. Rinse the leaves of plantain, crumble, add a spoonful of grated nuts, a spoonful of honey and season with sunflower oil.

Plantain leaf tea.

10-15 gr. dry leaves pour a glass of boiling water. Allow to cool. Strain. Tea should be used when coughing, with diarrhea, with inflammation of the bladder, malaria, dysentery. In prisentery, it is much more efficient to brew seeds. Drink a tablespoon 5-6 times a day. The same infusion needs to wash suppurating wounds and ulcers.

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