Culinary recipes for dishes from sour acid, soups and salads from sour, preparation of common sour.

Common Oxalis is a food wild-growing herbaceous plant with a height of 5–15 cm. About 800 species of acidic are known. Common names for common sour: hare cabbage, hare acid, hare salt, alum, sorrel, magpie, passerine, goose, pelinin, oborinets. 

A plant with a creeping rhizome replacing the stem. The sour leaf resembles a clover leaf. Leaves are triple with heart-shaped plates, close by night and before the weather. It grows in spruce forests in moist mossy places, often in groups. It blooms in June. Winters in the snow.

Culinary recipes for dishes from sour acid, soups and salads from sour, preparation of common sour. Nutrition value and chemical composition of common sour.

Ordinary acid improves metabolism. Enhances the appetite. It has anthelmintic, hemostatic, wound healing, urine and choleretic effect. Eliminates heartburn, vomiting. Normalizes the acidity of gastric juice. Reduces blood pressure. It is an anti-zingotic and antivenom drug for poisoning with mercury and arsenic..

The leaves of sour acid, common in shady forests, have a large amount of vitamin C and oxalic acid. Fresh leaves should be consumed with scurvy, worms. Leaves help quench your thirst. In crushed form, apply to purulent wounds, ulcers, boils.

Fresh sour taste tastes like lemon. Therefore, a pinch of acid can replace tea and lemon at the same time. You can eat it as a sorrel. From tubers and tender young leaves you can prepare salads, soups, various snacks and drinks. You can eat it raw. Fresh herbs contain approximately 20-24 kcal per 100 g. Prolonged use of acid is not recommended.

Culinary recipes for common sour.

Green cabbage soup with sour.

Sour cream 55 g + potatoes 65 g + wheat grits 20 g + onions 40 g + butter 15 g + egg 1/2 + sour cream 15 g + meat broth or water 350 g + salt + spices. Put potatoes in boiling broth or water. Cook for about 15 minutes. Add the onion and chopped sour. 5-10 minutes before cooking, add wheat flour. Cook until tender. Salt and add spices. Add boiled egg and sour cream.

Sour Soup.

300 ml of broth + 50 g of potatoes + 15 g of carrots + 10 g of greens + 100 g of sour cream + 20 g of sour cream + a quarter of an egg + salt. Add potatoes, greens, carrots to the meat broth. Cook until half cooked. Then add greens of rabbit cabbage. Add sour cream and egg.

Dumplings with sour.

Filling: acid, green primroses (primroses, medunits), chopped boiled egg. To salt. Mix. Blind dumplings. Cook for 6-8 minutes. Or: grind acid. Sprinkle with sugar or mix with berry jam. Blind dumplings. Cook for 6-8 minutes.

Sour potato.

Peel the potatoes until cooked. Without cooling, sprinkle with crushed acid. To salt. Add vegetable oil. You can add Lungwort.

Sour puree.

Grind greens to a pasty state. To salt. Add pepper. Mix. Use as a side dish. Or for dressing soups and salads.

Sour pasta.

Grind greens to a pasty state. Add butter and table mustard. To salt. Mix. Use for sandwiches.

Salad with sour and dandelion.

Sour cream + dandelion leaves + lettuce in equal proportions + radish 5 pcs. + grated nuts 5 tbsp. tablespoons + honey half a tbsp. tablespoons + unrefined sunflower oil half a cent. spoons. Dandelion leaves, sour, cabbage salad, chopped radish. Grate the nuts. Mix all. Add honey and sunflower oil. Mix.

Salad with sour and bacon.

50 g sour acid + 200 gsnity + 1 tbsp. spoon of vegetable oil + salt. Rinse greens. Scald with boiling water. To grind. Add oil. To salt.

Salad with sour and spinach with cranberries.

Leaves of sour acid + spinach in half + green onions + grated nuts 3 tbsp. tablespoons + cranberries 1 tbsp. a spoon. Chop the spinach. Add leaves and chopped chives. Grate the nuts. Mix everything. Add cranberries.

Salad with sour and cucumber.

100 grams of leaves of sour acid + 50 g of fresh cucumber + 15 g of onion + 20 g of sour cream. Cut the leaves. Mix with finely chopped cucumbers and onions. Add sour cream. To salt.

Common sour acid.

Wash the leaves. Lay in an enameled dish, mixing with dill and parsley. Add pieces of horseradish root, garlic, black peppercorns, currant leaves. Pour with cold brine: 1 tbsp. tablespoon of salt per 1 liter of water. Close the lid.

Dry leaves of common sour.

Wash the leaves. To cut. To dry. Store in a paper bag. Use as an additive to soups and sauces.

Rabbit cabbage drink (sour).

Grind the greens and pour it with cold boiled water. Insist 2 hours.

Sour tea.

Put dried acid in cold water. Boil. Let it brew for 10-15 minutes. Strain. Add sugar or honey.

Based on the book Survival beyond the threshold of civilization.
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