Culinary recipes for goose cinquefoil, cabbage soup, tortillas, seasonings and goose cinquefoil salad.

Common names for cinquefoil goose convulsive grass, caterpillar, crow’s feet, martin’s hand. Cinquefoil goose is a low-growing perennial herbaceous plant with a thick many-headed rhizome and creeping rooted stems reaching 70-80 centimeters in length. It occurs in the temperate zone around the globe. Often found on river banks, in meadows, on vacant lots, in ravines and ditches, along roadsides, on sandy or rocky, clay soils. 

Culinary recipes for goose cinquefoil, cabbage soup, tortillas, seasonings and goose cinquefoil salad. The content of useful elements in gooseberry and its nutritional value.

Goose cinquefoil grass and rhizomes contain essential oil, vitamin C, carotene, tannins, flavonoids, glucose, fructose. Flowers contain Vitamin C, plastoquinone.

Young shoots and roots go to food. Goose root root tubers can be boiled in water and consumed as an independent dish, or as a side dish for meat. The tubers are delicate and taste good. Leaves can be used for salads, soups, mashed potatoes.

Dried potentilla leaves serve as a substitute for tea. Rhizomes can also be dried. Dry rhizomes in Tibet are used to make pies. The taste of greens and roots of the cinquefoil varies greatly depending on the growth conditions of the plant. And just before flowering, the cinquefoil is the least tasty.

Culinary recipes for goose cinquefoil dishes and drinks.

Green cabbage soup goose.

Option 1.

150 g goose cinquefoil leaves + 35 gscavel + 5 g carrots + 5 g parsley + 20 g onions + 15 g green onions + 10 g wheat flour + 20 g butter + 1/2 eggs + 10 g sour cream + 200 g meat broth or water + salt + spices. Leaves of cinquefoil immerse in boiling water for 3 minutes. Remove them and let the water drain. To grind. Fry with butter for 10-15 minutes.

Straws parsley roots, carrots, onions. Mix and fry in butter. Put in boiling broth or water: stewed cinquefoil, sautéed vegetables, chopped green onions. Cook until tender. 5 minutes before cooking, add, diluted with broth or water, sautéed flour and shredded sorrel. Season with sour cream.

Option 2.

1 kg of different greens: fresh sorrel, nettle, goose cinquefoil, spinach, cuffs, wild garlic, etc. + parsley + green onions. For the broth: 1 kg of veal brisket + 1 carrot + onion 1 onion + bay leaf. For dressing: 5-6 potatoes + 1 carrot + 3-4 eggs, hard boiled + a little ready mustard + horseradish + mayonnaise + sour cream.

Wash the meat. Put in a container (pot, pan, etc.) and pour cold water. Put on a strong fire. When the water boils, remove the foam, reduce the heat, salt, add bay leaf, a whole carrot and onion. Cook for 1.5 hours. Pour the greens in cold water in a separate bowl and let stand for about 20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. To dry. Slice.

Scalp nettles with boiling water. Drain water. Squeeze and finely chop. Peel potatoes and carrots. Cut into small cubes. Eggs peeled. Cut along in half. Remove the yolks and grind them with mayonnaise, mustard and horseradish. Then stuff the proteins. Extract meat and seasonings from the prepared broth. Strain the broth and put on fire. Let it boil.

Then add vegetables to the broth, with a 5-minute interval, in the following sequence: potatoes, carrots, nettles or tougher greens. After 15-20 minutes add the remaining greens. Remove cabbage soup from the fire. Let them brew for 10-15 minutes. Dice the meat and add it to the cabbage soup. Sprinkle cabbage with parsley and green onions. Add sour cream or butter. Stuffed eggs can either be put on a plate with cabbage soup, or eat them separately.

Fried goatroot root rhizomes.

Rhizomes (200 g) rinse. Boil in salted water for 20 minutes. Then fry in fat (120 g) for 20 minutes with potatoes (500 g). Add sautéed onions (200 g). To salt. Sprinkle with dill.

Boiled goatroot root rhizomes.

Wash and boil the rhizomes. Add butter or sour cream. To salt.

Goose Potato Puree.

Leaves and rhizomes or just leaves, rinse thoroughly. Grind to a pasty state. Add salt, vinegar, pepper. Mix. Use as seasoning for meat, fish, cereal dishes, as well as for dressing soups and cabbage soup.

Goose cinquefoil rhizomes.

Wash thickened rhizomes in cold water. To dry. Grind into flour. Dilute flour with milk or warm water until a dough is obtained. Shape the tortillas. Bake on hot stones, turning them over in a timely manner so as not to burn.

Goose cinquefoil seasoning.

Wash thickened rhizomes in cold water. To dry. Grind into flour. Store, preferably in glass jars. Use for spicy seasonings for meat and fish dishes.

Goose cinquefoil seasoning.

Young leaves to dry. To grind. Use as a seasoning for meat, fish, cereal dishes.

Goose and Sorrel Salad.

Young leaves of cinquefoil (150 g) + sorrel (50 g) + green onion (25 g) + sour cream (20 g). Rinse. To grind. To salt. Add vinegar. Mix. Season with sour cream (20 g). Sprinkle with dill.

Goose cinquefoil tea.

2 teaspoons with herb top pour a glass of boiling water. Let stand 10 minutes. Strain. The beneficial effect of tea is enhanced by mixing goose cinquefoil, in equal amounts, with peppermint and lemon balm.

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