Culinary recipes for tansy, spices, liquor and kvass from tansy.

The common names for tansy are: wild mountain ash, black cohosh, hazel-hen, decimal, nine, goat, vrotich, kuroslep, palenica, button, yellow mountain ash, field mountain ash. Tansy grows to a height of 90-150 cm. Summertime blooms. 

To confuse tansy with another plant is almost impossible. Strong, camphor-like smell, decent height, beautiful cirrus-dissected lanceolate leaves. Tansy grows like weed along roads and ditches, in fields and in sunny places. Sometimes found among shrubs.

Culinary recipes for tansy, spices, liquor and kvass from tansy. Nutritional value and chemical composition of tansy.

Common tansy is a poisonous plant. It contains essential oil, organic acids, flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins and bitterness. However, flowers and leaves of tansy in small doses can be used as a spice. Tansy can replace cinnamon and nutmeg. Contraindicated in pregnancy, kidney inflammation, and renal failure.

With inflammation of the joints of the flowers, baths and lotions are made on the affected area. With leg cramps, do foot baths with infusion. Good results are obtained by lotions and washing with infusion of the affected areas with chronic wounds and ulcers, since this plant has bactericidal, disinfectant and antiseptic properties.

Flowers help from boils and boils. A gruel of flowers is applied to the inflamed place and kept for 5-6 hours. A concentrated infusion of flowers is used for local exposure to malignant neoplasms. Flower powder or a dried plant in linen bags is placed in problem areas to repel moths, fleas, mosquitoes, etc..

Culinary recipes for tansy.

Tansy powder.

Grind dry flower baskets. Sift. Use for flavoring first and second courses from game. A mixture of powder (1 cup) with red pepper (1 teaspoon) can be used to flavor meat dishes or add sauces and gravy.

Bulk tansy.

Boil dry flower baskets (10 g) in water (0.5 l) for 10 minutes. Strain the broth. Add granulated sugar (50 g) to it. Cool. Add vodka (1 liter). Insist 2 hours.

Kvass with tansy.

Dried flower baskets (5 g) are lowered in a gauze bag into kvass (1 l). Let it brew for 12 hours. Then remove the tansy. Add granulated sugar (10 g). Mix. Let it brew for another 2 hours.

Based on the book Survival beyond the threshold of civilization.
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