Culinary recipes from Ivan-tea dishes, salads, cakes and porridges from Ivan-tea.

Ivan tea or fireweed, or Koporye tea is an herbaceous perennial plant of the family fireweed. Ivan tea has a thick creeping rhizome, the erect stem of Ivan tea reaches a height of 1.5 meters. Ivan-tea blooms with large dark pink flowers. Grows in meadows, edges, hills, near roads and ditches, along ravines. 

Culinary recipes from Ivan-tea dishes, salads, cakes and porridges from Ivan-tea. Useful properties of Ivan-tea.

Ivan-tea contains tannins and pectin, flavonoids, tannins, protein, fiber, fats, mucus and B vitamins. Ivan-tea is many times superior to lemon in the amount of vitamin C. In addition, Ivan tea contains many trace elements: iron, nickel, copper, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, lithium, titanium, boron, phosphorus and cobalt.

Culinary recipes and drinks from Ivan tea.

Green cabbage soup with ivan tea.

Young shoots and leaves of Ivan-tea (100 g) + nettle leaves (100 g) lower for 1-2 minutes in boiling water. Drain the water. Chop and stew with margarine (20 g). In boiling broth or water (500-700 ml) put chopped potatoes (200 g) and carrots (10 g). Then prepared willow-tea and nettles. Cook until tender. Add salt and spices 10 minutes before cooking. Add sliced ​​hard-boiled eggs and sour cream (20 g).

Soup with rhizomes of Ivan tea.

In the meat broth (400 ml) add potatoes (40 g), carrots (15 g), onions (10 g), finely chopped and spassed young rhizomes of Ivan tea (50 g). Cook until tender. Before cooking, season with fresh cabbage (30 g) and cook under the lid for 4-5 minutes. Salt to taste. You can add sour cream.

Soup dressing with willow-greens.

Wash fresh greens of Ivan-tea, sorrel and medunica. Cut in small pieces. Wipe with salt (5-10% of the total mass of greens) and put in a glass jar. Store in a cool place..

Rhizomes of rhizomes of Ivan tea.

Mix flour (3 tablespoons) from dried rhizomes of Ivan-tea with wheat flour (2 tablespoons). Add a pinch of baking soda. Salt. Vegetable oil (2 tablespoons), egg, kefir (1/2 cup). Beat until doughy consistency. Bake on a hot sheet of metal.

Roasted rhizomes of Ivan tea. 1st option.

Rinse young rhizomes (200 g) thoroughly with cold water. Cut into pieces 2-3 cm long. Bread in breadcrumbs (20 g). Bake or fry in ghee or sunflower oil (50 g).

Roasted rhizomes of Ivan tea. 2nd option.

1 egg + 200 g of Ivan-tea shoots + 1/2 cup flour. It is better to use very young shoots, with leaves not yet blooming. Beat a chicken egg. Dip a separate shoot or a bunch of willow-tea first in an egg, then roll in flour and fry (about 15 minutes) in oil until a crust forms.

Ivan tea with rice.

For 4 servings: 1 cup rice + 200 g ivan-tea + 0.5 cup raisins or dried apricots + 0.5 cup butter. Melt the butter. Then, in this boiling oil, fry the rice until it has a light yellow color. Add finely chopped ivan tea to the pan. Fry another 2 3 minutes. Add washed apricots. Pour half a liter of water. Cook until rice is cooked. Before the end of cooking the rice, add 0.25 tsp. cinnamon.

Porridge from Ivan-tea cereals.

Grind dried rhizomes into cereals (200 g). Pour into boiling milk. To salt. Introduce sugar and cook until tender.

Porridge from the roots of Ivan tea.

2 servings: 0.5 cups of raisins + 2 3 carrots + 1 cup of willow-tea root. Place grated carrots at the bottom of the pan. Then on it dry ground or raw shredded willow-tea roots. And top with washed raisins. Pour so much hot water into the pan so that it covers the raisins. Boil. Cook 3 4 minutes. Let stand in a closed pan for 10 minutes. You can add butter or sour cream.

Ivan tea flour.

Grind dried rhizomes into flour. Use in a mixture with cereal flour for baking bread, pancakes, pancakes.


Mix the flour from Ivan tea (100 g) and cereal (200 g). Then add kefir or yogurt (500 ml), egg, sugar, salt, mix thoroughly. Fry fritters in vegetable or ghee. Can be poured with sour cream or butter.

Puree from leaves and shoots of Ivan tea.

1 onion + 200 g of shoots or leaves of Ivan tea + 1 tbsp. l tomato paste + 1 carrot + pepper + salt + vegetable oil. Wash the shoots and leaves. Boil and fry in a pan with stewed onions and grated carrots. Add tomato paste, pepper and salt. Bring to readiness.

Boiled rhizomes of Ivan tea.

1 carrot + 100 g rhizomes of Ivan tea + 1 tbsp. l green peas + 1 boiled beets + 2 tbsp. l mayonnaise + 1 clove of garlic. Wash the rhizomes. Boil in salted water. Cut into strips. Stir with chopped beets and carrots. Add mayonnaise, garlic, green peas.

Ivan tea salad.

Lower the young shoots for 2 minutes in boiling water. Chop finely and mix with green onions and grated horseradish. Add lemon juice and season with vegetable oil.

Ivan tea salad.

Finely chop the greens of Ivan-tea and mix with the herbs of sorrel or sour. add chopped hard-boiled egg.

Ivan tea salad.

150 g of shoots and leaves Ivan tea + parsley and dill + 1 tbsp. l sour cream or vegetable oil + 10 g of green onions + salt. Wash young shoots and leaves. Finely chop and mix with parsley and dill, spring onions. Add sour cream. To salt.

Rhizome Salad of Ivan Tea.

1st option. Wash rhizomes and boil in salted water. Cut into strips (100 g). Stir with chopped carrots (20 g), beets (20 g). Add green peas (20 g), garlic (3 g), mayonnaise (30 g).

2nd option. Wash rhizomes, peel, finely chop or grind. To the resulting mass (100 g) add garlic (3 g), grated Dutch cheese (30 g) and carrots (30 g). Season with mayonnaise (30 g).

Tea with Ivan-tea (fireweed).

Stir in equal parts: willow-tea leaves, dried apples, rose hips, mountain ash, carrots, cinnamon. Brew the mixture like tea. In ancient times, Ivan tea was called good drink, it relieves fatigue well, and mothers watered weakened children.

Traditional healers recommended ivan tea for large blood losses, since it contains trace elements necessary for hematopoiesis. Coping with fire and insomnia. There is no better cure for a severe hangover.

It is not difficult to prepare tea leaves: to collect young leaves and flower buds in dry weather. But not at the end of summer, when fluff appears on plants. Arrange leaves and flowers in the shade, in a draft, with a layer of 5 cm per day, until wilted. Spread twisted or rubbed leaves with a layer of 5-10 cm on a flat surface, cover with a damp thick cloth and keep in a warm place for 6-12 hours.

For the aroma of tea, you can add mint, oregano or orange peel. The main thing is not to overexpose in heat, high temperature is also dangerous. Then chop the greens finely, the finer the better. And dry in the oven at a temperature not exceeding plus 80 degrees, otherwise the tea may acquire the taste of dry paper. It must be stored in glass jars under the lid..

Based on the book Survival beyond the threshold of civilization.
Nagorsky S.V..

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