Culinary recipes of dishes made of Lungwort, soup, salads and tea from Lungwort, pickling Lungwort.

Folk names of the Lungwort: water keys, spotted grass, pulmonary root. The height of the plant reaches 15-30 cm. Lungwort flowers are one of the first to appear after the winter in damp hollows where snow still lies. Lungwort grows in thickets, among shrubs, in deciduous forests.

Culinary recipes of dishes made of Lungwort, soup, salads and tea from Lungwort, pickling Lungwort. Nutritional value and chemical composition of Lungwort.

Already in April, you can eat flowers and foliage of this wild plant in fresh form, add to salads and soups, make tea. Lungwort contains a very important microelement – silicon, due to which it increases the protective properties of the body, stimulates the immune system. There are no contraindications. But it can cause nausea if you take a strong infusion on an empty stomach.

Culinary recipes for dishes and drinks from Lungwort.

Lungwort soup.

Lungwort 75 g + potatoes 50 g + onions 15 g + carrots 15 g + beef or pork stew 75 g + water 270 g + salt + spices. Coarsely chopped potatoes are added to boiling water. Boil. Add carrots and onions, fried in fat from stew. Before the potatoes are ready, add chopped lungwort and beef stew. To salt. Add spices.

Lunatic pies.

Stuffing: Lungwort about 200 g + 2 boiled eggs + 100 g onions + 4 tbsp. l rice + 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil + salt + pepper. Dough: flour + water. Knead. As appropriate, add vegetable oil. Knead. Let rise. Knead again. Roll. Slice for the filling. Prepare a Lungwort. Mix it with chopped eggs, boiled rice, chopped onions, salt, pepper. Mix. To make pies. Bake.

Salad with Lungwort and Chives.

Lungwort 50 g + 15 g green onions + egg + 20 g mayonnaise + salt. Slice a Lungwort. Add chopped green onions and finely chopped boiled egg. Add mayonnaise or sour cream. Instead of green onions, you can add grated radish.

Salad with Lungwort and Horseradish.

Lungwort 125 g + 10 g grated horseradish + 10 g sour cream + 3 g dill + salt. Finely chop the herbs of the Lungwort. Add grated horseradish and sour cream. To salt. Sprinkle with dill. Or: Lungwort 300 g + 150 g red beet + 50 g grated horseradish + salt.

Salad with Lungwort and Spicy Tomato Sauce.

Lungwort + onions + potatoes + spicy tomato sauce + salt.

Salad with Lungwort, Nettle, Sour, and Goose.

40 gr leaves of nettle and acidis ordinary + 20 gr. Lungwort and goose onions + mayonnaise + salt. Scale the washed nettle leaves with boiling water. Cut in small pieces. Cut the greens of sour acid, medunica officinalis, and goose onions. Mix everything. Add sour cream or mayonnaise. To salt.

Caviar with Lungwort, wild garlic and celery.

Celery 300 g + Lungwort 300 g + wild garlic 100 g + vegetable oil 50 g + salt. Blanch a lunar bowl (scald with boiling water). Wring out. Slice. Mix with finely chopped wild garlic and celery. Sauté, fry over low heat in a small amount of vegetable oil. To salt.

Tea from Lungwort officinalis.

2 teaspoons of grass pour a glass of boiling water. Insist 10 minutes. Strain. Add sugar or honey.

Pickled Lungwort.

For marinade: 50 g of sugar + 50 g of salt dissolved in 1 liter of 6% vinegar solution + 3 bay leaves + 10 g of allspice peas. Boil for 10 minutes. Put washed, crushed leaves of Lungwort in a clean dish. Pour marinade. Store in a cool place. Or: chop the lunar shell, put in jars and pour 10% sodium chloride solution.

Based on the book Survival beyond the threshold of civilization.
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