Culinary recipes of dishes with charity, salads of charity, chill in various dishes. Harvesting for future use, pickled dumpling.

Common saplings grow on rich soils in deciduous and mixed forests, on clearings among shrubs. In heavily shaded places it can grow greatly, but not bloom. It is used as a food, vitamin, melliferous and medicinal plant. Dishes with pallor anti-zingotic agent. Its aerial parts contain vitamin C, carotene, protein substances, calcium, cobalt. 

Culinary recipes of dishes with charity, salads of charity, chill in various dishes. Harvesting for future use, pickled dumpling. The culinary and energy value of dream dishes.

The chemical composition of the dream is as close as possible to the human blood formula. Therefore, you can eat with longing for painlessly for a long time. Young leaves and puff stalks are suitable for eating in the form of a salad. The greenery has a pleasant smell. They can be added to borscht and soups instead of cabbage. Cook mashed potatoes, caviar, side dishes. Use as a seasoning for a variety of dishes. Petioles of leaves can be pickled with vinegar.

Culinary recipes from Dreams.

Dreams Salad.

150 g of sugar + 25 g of horseradish + 20 g of sour cream or 30-40 g of kefir. Boil young leaves for 1-2 minutes. To grind. Add grated horseradish, salt. Stir and season with sour cream or kefir.

Salad of Dash and Sorrel with Vegetables.

Dust (leaves) 45 g + sorrel 10 g + potatoes (boiled) 30 g + carrots (boiled) 6 g + vegetable oil 5 g + hot tomato sauce 10 g + salt. Grind the washed leaves of the horn and sorrel. Cut boiled potatoes and carrots into thin slices. Mix. Add vegetable oil. To salt.

Dream caviar.

500 g of dreams + 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt. Rinse, rinse, dry, finely chop, sprinkle with salt, mix and firmly fill a clean container so that the juice comes out. Cover and store in a cool place. Use for soups and meat dishes..

Garlic caviar.

Blanch (process briefly) and dry in boiling water for 2 minutes. Finely chop. Add as many finely chopped garlic greens and sauté (fry over moderate heat until soft) in oil for 3 minutes. Add salt. Instead of garlic greens, wild garlic leaves can be used.

Caviar from Dreams and Nettles.

Blanch to rot the nettle in boiling water for 2 minutes. Cut in small pieces. Add onions or chives. Sauté for 3 minutes in vegetable oil. Proportions 1: 1: 1. To salt. Add to boiled potatoes, meat, fish or make sandwiches.

Curd paste with lust.

Young snout (chopped) 1/2 cup + fresh cucumber 1 pc. + butter 100 g + cottage cheese 200 g. Cut the cucumber into small cubes or grate. Scale with boiling water and crush. Grind cottage cheese with butter and mix with herbs.

Braised Meat.

Beef 125 g + chick 100 g + butter 20 g + sorrel 35 g + onions 15 g + wheat flour 5 g + salt and spices. Sliced ​​meat in flour and fry with finely chopped onions. Pour hot water and simmer for 1-1.5 hours. Add shredded rinse and simmer another 1 hour. 10 minutes before quenching is complete, add chopped sorrel, salt of especia.

Rice with Celery and Daisy.

Rice (depends on the number of servings) + 1-2 medium onions + celery root (as much as onions) + vegetable oil + chick-pea + dill and parsley + spices. Cut celery (root or large stems) and onions into cubes. Fry in oil until golden brown. Add uncooked rice to the pan, if unpolished immediately, and if polished, it must first be thoroughly washed in order to remove mucus. Add spices and fry a little more..

Then, pour boiling water overnight, so that the rice can completely absorb it until fully cooked. Close the lid. Simmer over low heat. 1-3 minutes before cooked, add coarsely chopped dumplings and herbs. Greens should be about 1/3 of the total volume of the dish. Add spices.

Carrots stewed with potatoes.

Fry potatoes separately, separate separately. Dust stew in a small amount of water. Shortly before the potatoes are ready, add the stewed duck and tomato juice (pasta). Fry onions and add to potatoes.

Dried fried egg.

Dust finely chopped and stew in oil for 5-10 minutes, pour over with beaten eggs and fry until eggs are ready.

Dream and sorrel cutlets.

900 g of dreams + 200 gschavel + 0.5 tbsp. oil + 0.5 tbsp. sour cream + onion + 2 eggs + 50 g of white bread + salt and pepper. Boil the dash and sorrel in salted boiling water. Drain the water. Crush and grind sorrel. Chop and onion with salt in oil. In sorrel and rush, add eggs, onions, bread (without crust). Mix everything. Blind cutlets and fry them in oil on both sides.

Dumplings with semolina.

Carry out 155 g + semolina 23 g + breadcrumbs 8 g + water 50 g + salt + spices. To finely chopped greens add semolina and cook for 10-15 minutes. To salt. Cool. Form a cue ball. Break in breadcrumbs. Fry until cooked.

Seasoning for borscht with pomace.

500 g of bread and butter + 500 g of green onions + 250 g of dill + 80-100 g of salt. Grind everything until juice appears. Arrange in half-liter containers. Sterilize for 25 minutes. To close. Store in a cool place..

Soup cabbage soup with potatoes.

Smell 300 g + carrots 100 g + potatoes 500 g + onions 100 g + water 3 l. + eggs 2 pcs. + dill 10 g. + garlic greens 50 g. + salt. Boil finely chopped potatoes. Dust, pour over boiling water and finely chop. Chop the onions and carrots and mix with chopped chives and sauté for 3 minutes in any oil. Add 1 tablespoon of flour and mix. Add the mixture to potato broth and cook for 2 minutes. Beat raw eggs with a fork and pour into boiling cabbage soup. Add finely chopped dill and garlic.

Oatmeal soup.

1 liter of water + 200 g of oatmeal + 100 g of sugar and salt and pepper to taste + 1 tsp butter. Pour the flakes with water, salt and cook until half cooked. Add crushed leaves for cooking and cook until tender. Season with pepper and oil.

Green Soup with Dash.

Chicken necks 9 pcs. + water 4 l + potatoes + carrots + rot + nettle. Cook the chicken neck broth. Chop potatoes. Grind carrots, instead of carrots, you can add tomatoes. Cut nettles and rot. Put carrots in the broth. After 3 minutes, potatoes. Then after 2 minutes the greens. And then after 5 minutes the soup is ready.

Soup puree with lust.

20 grams of honey (greens) + 20 grams of nettles + 20 grams of cowberry (greens) + 20 grams of mallow + 20 grams of sorrel + 4-5 stalks of green onions + 50 grams of dill + 2 tbsp. tablespoons flour + 2 cups milk + 10 g butter + salt and pepper to taste. Scale and chop greens. Add flour, milk, salt. Cook for 10-15 minutes. Add oil. Salt, pepper. Sprinkle with chopped dill.

Okroshka from a dream and cucumber grass (borago).

200 g of water + 80 g of leaves of a dream + 50 g of cucumber grass + 15 g of green onions + 10 g of dill + 150 g of kvass + 100 g of yogurt + 1 egg. Boil until half cooked, crush, cool the broth. In the broth, put chopped cucumber grass and green onions, kvass, yogurt. Sprinkle with dill and add the egg, cut in half.

Harvesting for future use.

Rinse, finely chop, sprinkle with salt, grind until juice appears. Tamp the capacity. Sterilize for 20 minutes. To close. Add a few tablespoons to the first and second courses.

Pickled Dust.

It is better to use only a very young, almost transparent, sunburn. You can use the petiole together with the leaf blade. When harvesting for a long time, it is better to take only petioles. Petioles need to be cut to the height of the container and densely filled so that it rises in an upright position.

For 1 liter of marinade: salt 1 tbsp. spoon + sugar 1 tsp + clove 2 pcs + allspice 12 pcs + bay leaf 2 pcs + vinegar 6% 0.5 l + water 0.5 l or water 1 l + vinegar essence 80% 2 tbsp. a spoon. Marinade fill must be prepared in an enamel bowl. Why pour water, add salt, sugar and spices and boil for 10-15 minutes. Add vinegar and warm for another 10-15 minutes, not allowing to boil.

Pour hot pot with marinade and fill with sterile lids. Turn the cans over and place the lids on the litter. Cover with a warm blanket and allow to cool. If it is necessary to cook for the current use, then it should be placed in a hot marinade and heated for 5-10 minutes. Allow to infuse in the marinade during the day.

Based on the book Survival beyond the threshold of civilization.
Nagorsky S.V..

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