Custom ulu knife

This is not a trademark, because it is not a rule. I have to write it in my head. ulu. It is used to be differently, occasionally, methodically, every day. Made with it. I don’t attach it to my shop ulu can not. What you can buy online is usually not made for people.

Ulu factory knife

Here is an example of a factory serial ulu, I removed it, I removed it. It used to be a bitter … Square hole. I love you to relax on the oval surface. I’m going to get there spirits, it will be there, such as dysentery, plague, anthrax and others. All this doesn’t come out of our bad karma. So if you want to make it, then you don’t have to do it.

The first thing a person does when picking up ulu – Trying to push through the hole as much as possible, grab it like brass knuckles. Friendship, this is not a purely peaceful thing, this is not a chop, they are not being cut. Here I have accumulated during the year:

Grip thumb and forefinger

Delicate Cuts When Cutting

Grip for shredded meat, cheese, greens for salad

Most of the commercials online working with ulu – This is a complete nonsense, we basically inspired to push something there. Yeah, let’s push it a bit and make it out. ulu You can cut all the products for everything. It will simply be useless.

It is suitable for any product.

Somehow, I am pleased that I discovered such a knife. This knife is very effective.

My two knives

At the moment, it’s one of the most common ways to make it. The dog is fastidious, you will surely spit it out. Saw on a tree. In either case, the steel is black.

This is a very small, embryonic species. Hey, I’m not sure if I’m not happy, I’ve

Knife “Meteor”

“Germ” of a new knife


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