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Over the past few days there have been 2 kind of similar stabbing incident, one of which led to death: both there and there the victims interceded for the girls. But is it really? How to act if you attack with a knife, Is it possible to prevent such a situation, and why is a knife a cunning thing?

The first case: the murder of Nikolai Ivanov

“As a law enforcement source said earlier, at night, on September 15, an unknown stab wound was wounded near the house 25, General Kuznetsov Street Nikolay Ivanov, Born in 1993 Ivanov was hospitalized at the hospital where he died an hour later, ”reports TASS.

The second case: stabbing with a cut off ear

“On the night of September 18, a scuffle took place in the center of Moscow with the participation of two guards and four young men, during which both guards received knife wounds, and one of them was cut off the ear,” reports Moskovsky Komsomolets.

30-year-old Eugene is in a coma, and 41-year-old Roman (their names are not called) – in the postoperative ward, the newspaper writes. According to the REN TV channel, the attackers were not four, but three, and Yevgeny, in addition to the severed ear, also had many fractures. ” Here really stood up …

The guard, who had his ear cut off in the center of Moscow because he stood up for the girls, was not helped by any of the bystanders. The frame shows how people quietly pass by, while he writhes in pain on the asphalt.

They came to me for comments from Komsomolskaya Pravda, and the tips disfigured by the editor can be found here.

But in this article I want to share my opinion completely.

How to act against a knife?

Is there a global way to deal with such criminals? Unfortunately no. Therefore, we must be prepared for fight with an aggressive criminal, which the:

  1. does not consider you as a person;
  2. accustomed to the weakness of his “victims”;
  3. can count on the support of its allies;
  4. can escape at any time;
  5. most likely engaged in martial arts;
  6. carries a knife or “trauma”;
  7. since childhood cuts sheep.

It is not worth overestimating it, but there is no sense in dismissing it either. You just have to train and be ready for action.

Second moment. Experience shows us that the rescued girls, as a rule, immediately run away and then do not hear from them and “thank you”, not to mention something more. Of course, an indignant scream will rise now, but in fact decent girls do not walk at night.

Of course, the reader, this is your life and your business, but my business is to warn you that the same thing as with the guards can be with you – a knife wound, a severed ear, multiple fractures, a coma. Or disability – the life of a plant with a broken spine. Long years. After all, who knows – maybe there is a background in this situation? Maybe a girl who is grabbed by the arms at night in the street are two healthy men, a klofelinitschitsa, maybe she stole their money, or something else? This may well be.

I do not urge to be indifferent, but public relations systems in the country no. Especially in megacities. It’s one thing if the rescued were really on duty at night in your ward, and at least married. And to risk not even for “thank you” … It’s a business.

Now directly about stabbing

First, if there is a possibility, you need to run away after seeing the knife. But this is not always possible. The aggressor may specifically hide it, or it may be dark (as in the cases described). Therefore, according to the rule Soviet hand-to-hand combat system any movement of the opponent’s hand should be regarded as a blow with a weapon. And this imposes requirements for movement, physical training (TFP) and even visual perception, but I wrote about it in more detail in my books and do not want to repeat myself. It is very easy to miss a knife strike – especially at night. Moreover, by itself a blow with a knife at first does not feel exactly like a blow with a weapon. Cotton on the body – no more. Therefore, any movement of the enemy is considered a blow with a weapon.

The knife is generally an insidious thing. There is a logical opinion that it is not suitable for self-defense because of its low stopping power and high lethality. Simply put, you can strike a fatal blow to a person, but he, without noticing it, can beat you for a full minute for a minute (until he suddenly finds out that he has to die). A minute to get serious injuries is enough. There are plenty of examples. We recall the case when the girl pushed the inmate, a proud boyfriend stood up for her, who was killed by the prisoner (but in a fight, the peasant defeated him!).


And on the other hand – how to resist such enemies? Only with his weapon. The term “hand-to-hand combat“Always and dealt with work with weapons, to armed fights. Fight with bare hands – these are secondary, auxiliary equipment, which as a whole became the main ones only from the 20th century. And what weapon can I use?

The 18th-century Dutch burghers successfully opposed the knifemakers with the help of reeds and sticks. But now is not the time to walk the streets with a cane. Although maybe the hipsters will introduce such a fashion. Telescopic baton It is also considered a melee weapon and the police will have even worse attitude to this “tool” than to a knife, which can still be used for economic purposes. And the “telescope” is intended precisely and only for striking a living person.

What else? “Trauma”? Yes, it is possible. Given the fact that it may jam, that the cartridge may be defective, etc. Gas spray? Only the newest generation – gel, for example. But it’s better to still wear it in a pair with a knife.

By the way, in the comments to the articles in the newspapers, many wrote that it was necessary ban cold weapons. In this case, this is not an option. This could be a way out if the police really worked, but it doesn’t. And so, they say, “zones” and prisons at 60 percent are filled with migrants – is there any point?

Question in terms of use of weapons remains open. Again, you need to understand that while you cut an opponent, he can cut you too. We recall the deceit of the knife. Need to go to knife fight group. But not “sports”, which is nonsense, but applied.

What if there is no weapon? We recall the first recommendation – running. But this, too, may be impossible for some reason (enclosed space, close people nearby, etc.).

If time allows, remove outer clothing and wind on the left hand (if right-handed). This will be a “shield” with which you can block the blows with a knife. It is clear that there will still be wounds, but this will allow them to be minimized. If there is no jacket or sweatshirt, still grab the opponent’s hand with a knife. It is better to sacrifice a limb than to get a knife in the body. Well, right-hand beat in the throat. Knee beat in the groin. You can also beat your hand in the groin with the capture and twisting of the “economy” of the enemy. In such a situation, you will not have much time and chances, therefore, influence the most vulnerable points of the enemy (the principle of the Soviet system is “Egg and face”).

If you entered the clinch, bite him – bite off the tip of the nose, ear, grip your teeth in the neck. Wanch your thumb in the eye, at the same time throwing back his head. Rvi hand over his mouth. Beat the base of the palm in the jaw or nose from the bottom – this can strongly shake his “cuckoo” or even break his spine. Do not forget to beat your knee in the balls. In general, your task is to crush his pressure with his pressure.

The mistake of many is that they are defended, not counterattacked. And the defense is crippled psychologically. You are passive, not active. You need to react to the actions of the enemy, which you do not know in advance – it turns out, he is always one move ahead of you. No wonder army application systems like the Soviet there are only 2 tactics: attack and counterattack. No protection.

We recall another high-profile murder of the athlete Drachev in Khabarovsk – he was healthier than his rival, although they write that the video is already the end of the fight and Drachev was very drunk. However, if he did not retreat, but rushed forward, he could crush the enemy with the help of “fizuhi”.

Well, and another important point – you can not think about the legal consequences. This is not a fight with a drunken neighbor (which is also unknown where it may lead). This is a fight to the death. Stand firmly as in melee with a German soldier and be aimed only at winning. How to achieve this? Through meditation, which helps to disable the internal dialogue. Then you will not think about a friend who was once cut, or about the same news as above. You will not think about the possible “term”. You will act on the basis of this particular situation. You can not think here – it is deadly.

Total: wear a knife, do applied knife fight, do psycho, learn to work in an attack / counterattack.

Cut off the ear, or how to act against the knife

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