Cycle NORD: In self-defense with a weapon

People who have firearms self defense with weapons Driving with pistol, ammunition, holsters and other things. Shooter is trying to get a winner. However, in real life, he was trained in tactics and shooting skills. Muscle memory, the ability to pull the gun in time – it’s all cool, of course. But!

In real life, there is a huge number of factors that can confound even the most experienced shooter. Moreover, it is not always necessary to use weapons in self-defense. It is possible to save lives. You should be aware of the fact that you are in the clear. manner, can be combined into the so-called “cycle NORD“(Stands for Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action.).

Concept OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), akacycle NORD“Originated in 1995 in the US Air Force (by John Boyd and the cycle is sometimes called”Boyd loop“- Ed.), But he was satisfied by civilians, including the owners of civilian weapons, for their own needs.

Any self-defense that includes the firearms is often a very tense and unpredictable situation. Because of this unpredictability, you will often repeat the “loop” of the NORD cycle. However, this should not be taken as a step-by-step process. Sometimes it comes to “loop” two stages before the moment comes. It is intended to remove the defender from the battlefield. And most importantly, it’s possible to carry it out.

NORTH cycle Scenario: Armed robbery

It is a criminalized situation. Let’s see how the situation develops, with an eye on cycle NORD.

It’s a little funeral for you to go for a car. “Behind.


In this particular case, “Observation” is synonymous with “Situational AwarenessIf you’re on your own, you could’t be aware of the problem.

Knife with his knife in his hand. It’s a criminal case.


In this example, the store owner is stuck in the “Observation – Orientation” loop. In order to get out of the loop, you need to be aware of the changes in the environment, namely, you are currently being robbed by an armed man, whom you have overlooked and missed. It is not always easy to break the loop immediately.

Coming out of the loop. You can beat the requirements of the robber and give the wallet. You can try to escape. You can try to get a gun on the belt.


At the “Decision” stage, it’s clearly not possible. In most cases, it can be the time when the decision is taken.

The store owner decides to resist. “I’ll get it a bit, I’ll get it,”


The “Action” phase comes in, the “Decision” phase comes in. Calculated possible risks and likelihood of success. However, this is not the end. It is necessary to go through it.

Get your wallet out of his back pocket.

The “Observation” Will it be possible to get the wallet?

The robber is standing still, shifting from foot to foot, without doing anything else.

The owner of the store “Watches” this and the “Guided” by this information. You can’t act according to plan. However, he says that he is ready to run away at any moment.

It’s alleged that it’s standing at the distance and shouts “Help! I’m being robbed! ”The robber looks around nervously and nervously.

It has been a lot of things to watch it. If it takes a decision, it’s worth it.

The store owner moves diagonally, pulls it out. The latter understands that the victim is not at close range; moreover he is holding a pistol in his hands. The robber runs away.

The owner of the store watches the reaction of the robber. The robber runs away. The owner of the store “focuses” on this information and understands that the robber leaves the battlefield. He decides not to shoot for a fleeing robber. “Deciding” makes it possible to “focusing” on the information, in accordance with this plan, he and “Acts”.

I.e. the victims. However, the choice of the victim, the robbery of the robbery. If we can interrupt the NORD cycle, we’ll move on to the “Action” stage. In this case, it turned out to be a tide.

Errors in adapting to the situation

The reality of the attacks of the most attacks cycle NORD, It is depriving themselves of defense. As a rule, suffer from the following errors:

  1. It’s not a problem. Failed stage “Observation.”
  2. It can not be, it can not be a shock. Thus, the stage does not occur.
  3. In any given situation. How to get there They didn’t even have basic training in this area. Therefore, the “Decision” stage failed.
  4. If you want to go through the action stage of the attackers, you’re either formulated

We want you to go over the cycle. This requires not only theoretical knowledge, but at least basic training.

From the translator to the simplest training and concept cycle NORD in practice, it is possible to recommend hand-to-hand fight or boxing.

Self defense

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