Dagger combat knife at the same time

In this part we will look at how combat knife SOCP Dagger gets on with the family and the roundabout for every citizen of Russia with the Makarov Pistol Modernized (PMM), as well as one of the most massive (if not the most) pistols in the world – Glock 17.

But at the beginning of the list of equipment, and an important note:

  • The training version of the SOCP Dagger (because red is better seen in the photo).
  • Shirt 5.11 Taclite Pro.
  • Gloves Mechanix CG Framer.
  • Airsoft copy of Glock 17.
  • Airsoft copy PMM.

As mentioned above, SOCP It was originally planned as a special knife that could help break the distance and gain time in order to use its main weapon – a pistol or a carbine. And in order to use the main weapon effectively, the combat knife must be thrown off during the transition, which is expensive, because the thing is not cheap. Either work without releasing Dagger out of hand, combining his hold with the hold of a pistol or carbine, because, you see, shoving the knife back into the sheath, in the confusion of close combat, is not a good idea.

And here we come to the most important question …

How to keep the SOCP Dagger combat knife so that it does not interfere with the work with the weapon?

Consider several options for grip knife

Reverse hold of a combat knife with a strong hand

If we talk only about the retention of the knife – it seems very convenient reverse grip, with fixation rings forefinger right hand. Such a grip makes it possible to maximize the capabilities of a combat knife and, in particular, a ring as an impact element of the structure.

Strictly speaking, the grip is positioned as a base. But how comfortable is it to hold both the knife and the gun at the same time?

The second option is knife fixing not indicative, but middle finger. Again, reverse grip, right hand.

On this grip combat knife sits in his hand a little less confidently, but still allows him to deliver strong and effective blows. The minus of such a knife grip – completely overlaps the ring with a remarkable impact notch. But what will happen if you take a gun in the same hand?

And this is more like the truth. In both cases, the SOCP knife does not interfere with the descent operation at all. And only in the case of the PMM, when overlaying the fingers of the left hand from above, it starts unpleasantly to press on the finger on which it is fixed combat knife. However, if you use a thick enough glove, it will not be noticeable. The result – this is the very option that is very viable in terms of simultaneously holding the knife and pistol.

Straight grip of the knife with a strong hand

In addition to the reverse grip, SOCP Dagger You can also use it on a direct hold, fixing the ring with either a ring finger or a little finger. What will happen in the situation of holding a combat knife with a direct grip simultaneously with a pistol?

Straight grip with fixing the ring on the little finger.

The grip is very strong, allows you to apply very powerful blows, and the impact surface of the ring is not blocked.

On the Glock, due to a flatter handle, this retention of the knife does not interfere at all. But with the PMM, the problems begin – it presses on the fingers, it makes it difficult to cover the handle tightly. That once again confirms that it is necessary to check the compatibility of the combat knife with personal weapons.

But what is characteristic, the knife does not interfere with the work of automation, that is, it does not come into contact with the shutter in any of the options. However, there is one very important point – in this embodiment, the knife interferes with the extraction of the liner.

The second option is to hold on the direct hold – with fixing the ring combat knife ring finger.

The flaws in the grip and knife functionality are exactly the same as in the case with the reverse grip: not particularly confident holding the knife, and the inability to knock the impact zone of the ring.

And what about the gun? And with a gun, you don’t even have to post photos, because even in this version it is more convenient to keep the gun, but the knife still, as in the previous case, prevents free extraction. Therefore, the option can not be considered even out of curiosity.

Even with this retention of the knife there is one important point. After working with a knife on the enemy, you will need to remove the pistol from the holster, and here it is very important not to poke yourself with a knife. Although of course it is not as likely as to poke yourself with your left hand when changing stores.

Needless to say, you have to spend some time to combine combat knife and a gun in one grip. Obviously, working with both a knife and a pistol at the same time, being controlled by one hand, is not the best option, although, of course, you need to train it.

Direct grip of the knife with a weak hand

The technique allows us to work with Greg Thompson’s combat knife with a weak hand. With its penetrating ability, even if the left hand is really weaker, oh how much they can do it.

So, the knife in the “weak” left hand, reverse grip, fixing through the index finger. The advantages of working with a knife are similar to the right hand.

The result is not happy. The knife definitely prevents the grip with two hands. Tightly cover the handle fails in any of the options.

And if you take a reverse grip with fixing on the middle finger?

Here is another matter. The gun is held firmly with both hands, plus it is very easy for the left hand to move from the pistol to the combat knife. It turns out one of the best options for retention.

Direct grip of the knife with a weak hand

Well, check the direct grip. The benefit with the advantages and disadvantages when working with a combat knife, we are already familiar with the right hand.

Left hand, straight grip, fixing the little finger.

It turns out also suitable option. However, it is better to work in gloves, because otherwise the knife mercilessly presses on the fingers of the right hand. But the knife doesn’t interfere with holding the weapon, and only partially reduces the effectiveness of the left hand.

Left hand, straight grip, ring finger fixing.

This option is even more convenient than the previous one – with the fixing of the knife with the little finger. Combat knife does not interfere with any grip or gun control. The only thing that probably should be noted is that with intensive shooting the knife dangles and can probably loosen the grip a little. On the other hand, in this embodiment, it really does not interfere.

Fixing the knife on the thumb

There are two more options for fixing the knife – through the thumb. Nothing fancy and uncomfortable. The fact is that when fixing the knife with your thumb, combining it with a gun leads to either the fact that the knife freely dangles behind the gun, scaring the arrow with a flickering tip. Or, with a grip with both hands, it is very painful to press on the locking thumb. Among other things, at the PMM, the knife regularly strives to hook the fuse box while the valve is in operation.

Thus, we come to the conclusion: if you work with a knife and a gun with different hands, then it is better not to combine them, and to fire with one hand, without including a hand with a knife in the grip. With this options with straight grip and fixing the knife with the ring finger quite worthy of consideration and training.

However, there is one more important moment related to this “division of labor”. The fact is that if you did not manage to solve the problem from one store, the task will become more complicated, since it will be problematic to reload the gun with a loading hand occupied with a knife. Most likely, in the bustle, you yourself in the same leg and stick. On the one hand, okay, just not lost …

But if no joke, a very risky event. Therefore, it is necessary either to hone the skill of reloading with a knife to the fullest automatism, or to train all the same to return the knife to the sheath in the process of working with a pistol.

Well, one condition – for comfortable and safe work in combination “knife + gun“Gloves are needed. And they are exactly what are REQUIRED, otherwise, you will at best have a hand for yourself, and at worst – scratch or cut it.

And under completion – there is another option to hold the combat knife SOCP dagger – in the manner of push-degger. And although this is still an objective stupidity, and such retention is no different neither reliability, nor efficiency, but for the sake of laughter …

In the third, final part, we will talk about the simultaneous use combat knife SOCP Dagger, and carbine.

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