Dandelion leaf salad, recipe, preparation of dandelion leaves for salad preparation.

Dandelions are fully edible, from flowers to roots. They can be eaten fresh, in the form of a variety of hot and cold dishes, dried and pickled, made a salad, dandelion flowers wine, jam and honey, coffee substitute from the roots. 

Dandelion leaf salad, recipe, preparing dandelion leaves for salad.

In field and field conditions, the dish-dandelion dishes will be a very good addition to the daily diet, as it has many vitamins and nutrients that the body needs. Antioxidants, calcium, vitamins A, K and E. In dandelion greens, ascorbic acid, protein, fats, carbohydrates, iron and phosphorus. The roots of inulin and iodine. The simplest, but no less useful dish that can be easily prepared in modest conditions of a camp kitchen. Dandelion leaf salad.

Preparing Dandelion Leaves for Salad Preparation.

For salad, only whole and undamaged leaves should be collected. After collection, dandelion leaves should be washed and, if necessary, processed, separating soft leaf plates from a hard and hard stem. Very young, completely soft, the leaves do not need such processing. The leaves of dandelion are slightly bitter, while the degree of their bitterness depends on the age of the plant. If this bitterness is to your taste, then dandelion leaves do not need any processing anymore, they can be immediately eaten as an independent dish or as part of salads.

Dandelion leaf salad, recipe, preparation of dandelion leaves for salad preparation.
finely chop the sorrel and nettle, mix, salt and season with vegetable oil.

Recipe salad of dandelion leaves, green onions, parsley and dill.

Add finely chopped green onions and parsley to the finely chopped dandelion leaves. Stir and season with vegetable oil, salt, vinegar, and then sprinkle with chopped dill on top.

Recipe salad of dandelion leaves, onions, sauerkraut and eggs.

Chop onions and dandelion leaves, and mix them with chopped egg and sauerkraut. Salt, season with vegetable oil, mix again.

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