Dangerous food: 10 traditional dishes that you can kill you

Summer is a time for rest and vacations. If there is such an opportunity. And the exotic country – the better. But it also happens to be an exotic risk. Seriously, even food can be deadly. And just about her, we’ll talk today.

Puffer fish

Seriously talk about dangerous food and not to mention the unfortunate puffy fish – at least strange. Very much all sorts of romance wrapped around this small fish. But why every year a lot of people order fugu for themselves with enviable persistence and periodically poison themselves?

Someone says it is fashionable. It is important to take care of all the body conditions. Well, someone just likes this exotic variety of “Russian roulette”. Whatever the reason, the fish was still fish. dangerous food.

Also expensive. From $ 100 to $ 500 for a few raw slices – isn’t it?

African burrowing frog

And this is a dish from sunny Namibia. Food intelligibility. And does not live long. And leads a close friendship with numerous parasites. So there are no serious reasons for traditional Namibian cuisine. Is that the pursuit of exotic. So here. A digging frog is a bullfrog, a hempty amphibian that is eaten whole. Roast and devour. With skin, and sometimes giblets.

It is most often contained. Frosting is especially high in the frogs – just before the start of the breeding season. Time to multiply are even more dangerous. But not all the chefs are watching this “frog rut”. It is not a big one. But you this dangerous food better not to try at all. Just in case.

Pangium edible

Southeast Asia. Grows in the mangrove jungle tall plant – pangu. It is a nut.

But there is a way that it can be removed from the pangium. Bury it for 40 days in the shell. after that the product can be eaten. This dish is called keluwak. They even say that it is very tasty. But who can not guarantee that it is cooking? Better not to joke with cyanide, so refrain from this dangerous food.


Traditional dish from South Korea. It is a very good idea to get it. Yes. Raw octopus, which is still developed.

We are silent on the parasites and aren’t infected with worms. Silently, chewing on a moving tentacle is still a pleasure.

But if it isn’t chewed, it can’t get up to 6 people per year. This can cause esophagitis and gastritis. Seriously, a lot food becomes dangerous, if you eat it raw …

Delicious tasty

Jamaica and other Caribbean countries. Its fruits are really tasty. But, as it is customary in nature, it is often protected by something poisonous.

Young fruits and large black seeds are subject to hypoglycine. The body is transformed into a body, causing the so-called “Jamaican emetic disease.” The name speaks for itself. Every year, about 30 people are poisoned, and some are so severe that they die of dehydration.

Kasu Marzu

Italy. For a long time, I’m not aware of this. It becomes infected, it becomes infected. Everything. A good product is slowly rotting, flaring multiply. It turns out that it is correct. Already puke pulls.

But that’s not all. Lovers dangerous food I love you! Chewing is useless – they are too small. And, damn it, very tenacious. Even gastric juice doesn’t kill them immediately. And they swim there and try to gnaw through the mucous membrane. This is fraught with at least gastritis. Some of the larvae can “escape”. In the abdominal cavity. Perforated ulcer, peritonitis, everything.

So why this muck pull in your mouth? Kasu Marzu considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Yes, and some perverts like the taste.


Egypt. In fact, this dish is dried and salted fish. That’s just the cooking procedure takes YEAR. It is salted for a long time.

In short, the recipe is quite complicated. It is difficult to predict. So people with enviable regularity are poisoned. And some do not save. So do not risk with this dangerous food – dried fish can eat at home normal.

Manioc edible

South Africa can be poisonous. Moreover, when contacted with air, are converted to acetone and hydrocyanic acid. 400 grams of such cassava is enough to kill a man.

So why do people continue to cultivate it? And because it is a special treatment. Manioc is thoroughly crushed after it is boiled or dried. This prussic acid evaporates.

Do not follow the cooking procedure carefully, therefore cassava is poisoned. Acute poisoning is rare (but not excluded), but chronic – regular and numerous. So you’re still healthy dangerous food.

Bloody clams

By themselves, these shells are quite tasty, even despite the high content of hemoglobin. Temperature processing is welcome. It is noticeably worse. Water filtering water accumulate in water. The mollusk doesn’t care for a couple of diseases.

Moreover, hepatitis A is extremely resistant. Therefore, in many countries, this product is not. But not in China, where is this dangerous food is a traditional dish. And where they are often there are often epidemics. With deaths. But even without them, I don’t really want to get my stomach problems. Exotic is not worth it, right?

Cashew nuts

It seems to be the most common nuts. But they come to us ready and processed, so there is no risk. But in South America, where this plant traditionally grows, people are well aware of its dangers. There is a separate nut, a separate “apple” of cashews. They are glued to each other. So, the “apples” do not interest us – they are harmless. But nuts contain a special oil, which causes poorly healing burns.

That is, if you bought the cashews, you’re most likely to get burned. Moreover, even if you extract the pulp from the shell, it is saturated with this dangerous oil. Walnut must be roasted for a long time. Here is such a dangerous food, it is extremely difficult to believe.

Well what can I say. Dangerous food in the world quite a lot. Something is eaten by the hopelessness during the preparation. You can always find alternatives. Well, something is eaten exclusively by tourists who are tormented by thirst for exotic. It is a serious, in some country, local people. So, comrades, do not chase your body dangerous food!

Dangerous food: 10 traditional dishes that you can kill you

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