Dangerous plants: Ash-tree or “Burning Bush”

What is always short? Few. Sometimes it happens that an ornamental plant is called fraxinella.

It can not be touched and it is fraught with deep non-healing burns. What happens more often, since some time, have some experience in decorating homestead plots. And if the owner still knows about the plant, then passers-by – no. But first things first.

Aspen is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Rutaceae family. Popularly called ash tree, wild badyan, “burning bush” and various derivatives of these words. The leaves in shape strongly resemble the classic name, hence the main name. The flowers are large, white, pink or red, bright, collected in racemes. When flowering emits a pleasant smell, reminiscent of orange peel. It is because of the beautiful and abundant flowers, fraxinella and became widely used in the refinement of homesteads. That’s just it. It is necessary to ensure that it is not the case. yasentsu.

They are responsible for the intense headache. Yeah. He has reached out for a couple of hours. Yes, it will pass by itself later, but this is not much easier. It will make it a bit harder to burn it. Essential oils are phototoxic, alas. And immediately it is not noticeable – the effect is postponed in time. Stems can burn earn.

Fortunately, this effect is observed mainly in hot and sunny weather. It is not clear that it can be reduced sharply. However, contact with juice yasenets still dangerous to health.

This is a plant that can’t be plucked up, so that it’s not possible. (in the Crimea, for example, or in the Caucasus). And it is recommended to use as decoration areas. And (personally checked) DO NOT WARN on possible consequences. So we warn about it.

If contact with yasenets nevertheless happened, hands need to be washed thoroughly with soap and water. This should be done as quickly as possible. It should be noted that it should be noted. Speed ​​up the healing process, alas, does not work. But if you prevent excess inflammation, then you can get rid of the skin.

Summarizing. Yes, fraxinella It is great for refining the area. But no, it is not necessary to use it for these purposes. And in general, it is better to get round. Do not touch or smell. And, if possible, destroy, if possible, of personal areas. It is necessary to observe the acid and essential oils.

Dangerous plants: Ash-tree or “Burning Bush”

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