Dangerous plants: Poh poisonous

Dangerous plants that can cause a lot of slow and painful death. There are also very dangerous bushes, which can easily kill the reckless survivalist. And one of them is Vokh poisonous or cicuta.

It grows in central Russia, mainly in the wetlands, along deep ditches. Since it can not be distinguished from flowers in carrots or dill. The smell is also quite edible, resembling celery. Yes, the root is quite large, resembling any edible roots. It tastes like turnip or swede. That’s even 100 grams Venom poisonous enough to kill a man.

By the way, plants have been aware of these properties for a long time. Already in ancient Greece, hemlock This is what Socrates was executed at the time. And not his one. Although he was poisoned with Hemlock Spotted.

We have about properties Venom poisonous He doesn’t need to be able to testify to the water rabid, water hemlock, mutnik, dog dyagil, gorigol and the like. Not a bad name for a poisonous plant, is it?

The clinical picture of ciccuta poisoning is as follows. Abdomen, nausea, vomiting, dizziness begins. Then, it is a paradox, “difficulty in the breathing”, In laboratory animals, the picture is similar.

Most often, poisoning occurs by chance. Into the greens. The cattle is to eat and eat it. It is preserved even in a dried form. As for people, their attention is attracted to large “roots” with a pleasant smell. Actually, the surviving “volunteers” who were lucky.

To distinguish the hemlock from similar plants is quite simple. First and foremost – the place of growth. If you’re looking for something like this, it seems. It is the most likely Poisonous. It is easy to find the root and cut it. If there will be a liquid converse cavities filled with yellowish liquid – this is definitely it. Fortunately, it is not necessary. But in any case, it doesn’t matter.

Root out the whole Poisonous within sight – also not necessary. It doesn’t spread uncontrollably, it’s not a hogweed, and its ecological ecological niche. But if you’re somewhere outdoors, it’s better to destroy. Cows, unfortunately, you can really make up this plant. And it’s 100 grams.

If poisoning Poisonous nevertheless happened, it is necessary to act like this. It is activated carbon tablets (or similar sorbents). Some recommend giving tannin, which significantly mucous membrane. After that, you must be able to receive fatal. In this regard, it may be necessary.

In short, with hemlock or Poisonous better not to get involved at all. It doesn’t carry benefits, it doesn’t occur too often. It is not necessary to eat.

Dangerous plants: Poh poisonous

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