Dangerous plants: Sorskoye hogweed

It describes the history of the system itself, but it also does not matter. And corrected so far. And we are not even talking about global climate change.

Actually, uncontrolled distribution Hogweed sosnowski – an example of such a problem. And it still can’t cope with it, despite a bunch of money invested and effort. And it all began very peacefully …


1944 Yes, the war went on. Here hot cold nor hot. People simply have nothing to eat. And not only people, but also cows. There is nothing to eat for cows. There is a need to find something. Found it.

It turned out that we’ve grown quietly in the North Caucasus – hogweed Sosnovsky. Extremely hardy, fleshy, up to three meters can wipe. Cows eat it with great pleasure, especially young shoots. Adults, for some reason, avoid. But it is not important. Not all high and hardy. In short, bsalmon began to actively sow wastelands. The plant has been growing and has been multiplied even at the latitude of St. Petersburg. And here, in fact, the problems.

It turned out that hogshevik furanocoumarins. Upon contact with the skin, they cause severe photosensitivity. Up to a third degree burn. And the older the plant – the more substances. The maximum is reached during flowering and ripening of seeds. In fact – a banal defensive response, saving hogweed from their living space.

The second problem is fertility and vitality. Hogweed it may have been sprouting from a root or a seed for 12 years. I don’t want the seeds at all. Such a seed will fall on the wasteland – everything. In the couple of years, they will grow up with you.

It gets you a lot of taste … But you can put it on. And while agriculture is still somehow cow parsnip fought weed out, cut down, burned. But the nineties came in the form of a geometric progression. To date, according to preliminary estimates, we’re not accounted for by the Hogweed. And this is only in the European part of Russia.

In Europe, the situation is no better. Only it had been planted as an ornamental plant … It was very hard and poisonous. In short, they are very difficult to solve.

How to distinguish and what to do?

Most hogweed like a hybrid of huge dill and burdock. Broad leaves, fleshy stems, inflorescences like dill. Huge growth. Little white flowers, small. If there are flowers or seeds At this time, hogweed is the most dangerous. Even a simple touch is enough to get a small burn. A hit on the skin of juice …

Actually, in this situation it is much easier to prevent the situation. Interact with cow parsnip protective gloves and a suit covering the body. And if even a face with eyes is generally excellent. Hacking and breaking is useless. It can grow in the same year. So just dig, and then burn. But it’s still not a long time that it has been mastered.

If necessary, it is necessary to wash off the essential oils from the skin. Soap solution to cope with them well. It will be minimal. It is better to prevent your skin.

It was quite extensive to call it a question. These are direct indications for the hospital ward. Same thing to do if cowberry juice hit the mucous membrane or eyes. The latter option is particularly dangerous.

Summarizing. If you’re looking at it, it’s a great thing to do it. Save the world from borshevik will be without your help, and with unprepared intervention, you would rather harm yourself.

Dangerous plants: Sorskoye hogweed

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