Dark Energy Poseidon – non-killable external battery

External batteries are becoming increasingly popular. They are overgrown with additional functions, sometimes very useful, for example, a flashlight. Yes, and versatility increases: the kit includes a whole bunch of wires with different plugs. It should be protected. Protection of water is not provided for at all.

It is not clear that the battery has been enclosed in a kind of bunker. it Dark Energy Poseidon and in his defense he:

  • Not afraid of water
  • Moving his car
  • Falls from the height of the stones

Do you notice? Protective abilities are close to the legendary Soviet radiator or Nokia 3310. It can be removed if necessary. As another nice addition, there is a carbine, for example.

It is enough for 4-5 meters for a fully charged down smartphone. The battery has two ports, with a current of 2.4 amperes and 1.0 amperes, respectively. Besides, Poseidon equipped with a flashlight. The device deserves a place in the EDC.

With such parameters, the battery has a very small price: $ 99.99 on the official site.

Dark Energy Poseidon &# 8212; unkillable external battery

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