Darwin Award 2015

It makes it possible for you to complete survival tactics, for survival, and for the rest. It’s not even the finest ways to settle accounts with life.

Sometimes it looks like this? “Damn it, well, people can not be so stupid!”. Alas, they can. It was the death of the Darwin Prize.

There are several conditions that must be met:

  • The story must be authentic. Name, surname, death certificate, in short specific facts, not urban legends.
  • The applicant must make his own decision. In this case, it was made consciously. It is also believed that he has not been able to make decisions.
  • The applicant must finally delete his genes from the human gene pool. That is, to die without getting offspring or receive irreversible damage to the genitals.
  • Death must be unique. It is “Enchanting moron …”.

Actually everything. The Darwin Award 2015, among which were our fellow survivors.

Killer rabbits

Obviously, the senior citizen forgot about the exemplary Winnie the Pooh example

Stephen Winfrey was an experienced hunter. Hunter in the forest. Nevertheless, he didn’t have to return from hunting for rabbits. The following picture was taken: rabbit hole He wondered where he was safely a mystery.

Dragging you in his arms. It’s a banal nonsense and reappraisal of its capabilities.

Diving “

Well, straight and pulls jump, and pulls!

After all, the two residents of Germany came to an abandoned sports complex. Yes, not only we have zabroshki, in the enlightened Europe this also occurs. So, comrades found a pool for a diving. And without hesitation went to jump. Do I need to clarify that water? As a result, you can’t get the necklace. Worthy candidates for Darwin Awards.

“Cool” fisherman

And eat fish and …

A Brazilian named Manuel is considered a fisherman, but somehow Therefore, it is where the catches fish with his teeth. Was still shot. But then, instead of falling back into water, the fish rushed forward and slipped through the esophagus. It was a quick and easy way to drink vomit. But this is only reduced the acidity of the fish.

After some time, it’s nice to go there. I went. Had arrived. And it was a fish. Whether the trachea was passed on, or the vagus nerve was pinched, but Manuel suffocated.

Selfie with train

Stand with your back to the approaching train. Hmm … What can go wrong?

Group nomination. It was a decree. And on the way, they met the railroad tracks. It was no longer known to have a “cool” idea. But it seemed to be great. Three Indians posed, one shot from a distance. He turned out to be a Darwin Award.

Rock climber loser


Climbing on the edge of a cliff is quite dangerous in and of itself. And walk, buried in the screen of a smartphone? Yes, it was a good idea. 18 meters of the stones. Unfortunately, the witnesses who could not help the equipment Darwin Prize.

Firework man

And the owner Darwin Awards Dewan Staples, unsuccessfully celebrated US Independence Day. In addition to the highlight of this world and the world of democracy and democracy, it is a large-scale launch of fireworks. So, the American didn’t come up with a piece of fireworks from his head. He was discouraged, but the citizen was adamant. He put the launcher himself, he didn’t calculate the surprise. In short, it was difficult to identify the burned corpse.

These are not fakes, but real stories. This can be a common cause. But as you can see, they can. And this is still not the most egregious cases. But more about that some other time. If you want to see your life, you can’t help it. ! ”

Darwin Award 2015

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