Darwin Prize 2016: The most ridiculous death of last year

An ordinary person can cope with quite serious conditions. Specially trained can withstand much more. It is a condition that can help you get rid of your health. But there are also people who manage to die literally out of the blue. Most often – by their own stupidity. These people even give a special award in absentia – “Darwin Prize“It is the official wording. And you can safely go. for fools, orphaned and needy.

This award was awarded every year, and the past 2016 was no exception. So, here is a list of nominees for Darwin award, what is the most strange, absurd and stupid way. We remind you of your CAM.

Too “hot” bath

Colin Nathaniel Scott just graduated with a degree in geology. It is a yellowstone park. There is no doubt that there has been a movement, it’s a little bit more than that. ”- already 30 years old. Besides geysers, there were also hot springs.

No, it is quite normal, in Japan, for example, in geothermal springs even monkeys are sitting in winter – they warm themselves. So the idea is not quite stupid. In the case of the collapse of the collapse of cold water, it was collapsed, it was heated to 90 degrees. It is not possible to get it. The geological features of the Yellowstone and the possible risks. But alas.

Inertia, ruthless you bastard!

If you don’t know what it is, it’s still normal, then forget it. However, it happens. Young Sydney Gonzalez bought a mattress. Good, only very big. But don’t call the delivery service for such trifles? You can just put it on. What, in fact, was done. This is a great idea. At the next turn, the mattress, which was NOT ANYTHING Tied ADDITIONALLY, flew to the roadway. Together with the “cargo”. The “cargo” died out, and the mattress itself received only minor cosmetic injuries.

You ask – “What about the driver? Why did he not interfere with this insane plan? “It was a random acquaintance of Sydney, who even had no rights. And what could go wrong in this situation? Therefore, Darwin Awards and a new nominee appeared.

Bad end

If you are driving away on the road, you’ll be driving away. “What is he there, jerking something behind the wheel?” – you think in your heart. Yes, it is possible that it is.

Clifford Ray Jones founding his car It was survived, and it survived. Yes. A man was driving at 3 o’clock in the morning on a highway and hum … masturbated

Yes, be careful driving. It is possible that other road users will not be pulling the gearshift lever.

Don’t give in to flash mobs

This story can really be a fake, because everything looks too absurd. So, Sean Jackson I’m a flash mob, I’m remind you of it. No, sometimes even for the sake of normal things act, such as charity, but much more often – for the sake of some garbage.

Actually, the spirit of the beauty “beauty blogs”. It’s a funeral day when you’re taking pictures of their hair. “before and after” style. So, Sean Jackson turned out to be a little ordinary makeup and makeup. He wanted something very special. And it is clear that they’re cleaning it up.

Needless to say what the effect exceeded all expectations? Alas, Sean didn’t survive the transformation and died of shock. Seriously, it’s fake, because it’s a lot of … gullible personalities. But if this is not a fake … Well, one nominee for Darwin award.

Poisoned parasites and robbed the robber

One of the most important ways to livebacks is that you can eat wood and cellulose. You need to be able to control the workers according to the rules. It is not possible to stay in the house. And the workers themselves use full chemical protection suits.

This, in fact, was the preamble. A family from the city of Fremont, California, decided to conduct a pest control. We hired workers who properly processed all really powerful chemicals. Well, left the house “aired”, not forgetting to hang warning signs. It was a tidbit for the robber. Somebody Yap Markengelo thought so. It was treated with poison. He prepared very carefully! The construction of respirator and latex gloves

Not this way. In 40 minutes of being in the house, the patient, despite the efforts of the paramedics.

As you can see, worthy nominees for the Darwin Award. And yes, if you think that such stupid deaths are possible only for “stupid pendos”, then you are deeply mistaken. Idiocy is an international concept.

Darwin Prize 2016: The most ridiculous death of last year

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