Deception by criminals of children in order to penetrate and rob the apartment.

Children are most exposed to deception. Lack of criticality in relation to adults, the habit of obeying them often outweigh the common sense of children and even their fear. It is enough for the robber to confidently, in an imperative mood, demand to open the door, referring, for example, to his father, who forgot important documents at home, and the child, even realizing that he is doing something wrong, launches him into the apartment. 

Deception by children of criminals with the aim of penetrating and robbing an apartment.

The same thing happens in “tearful” cases, when a visitor asks for some help to children, or when playing a script, a distant relative arrives from the village: “My dear, it’s me, your grandmother. You don’t know what? ”And“ darling ”, if he doesn’t, she’s afraid to admit it.

, the simplest and most effective way is to prohibit the child from opening it to anyone else, up to the removal of keys. Although from the point of view of fire danger this technique is fraught with a tragic outcome for children left alone with the fire. It’s hard to say which is more dangerous.

It is best to teach children in all doubtful cases (all the same postmen, agitators, friends at home, etc.) to call parents at work and consult whether to let a visitor go. To the extreme (when it comes to life and death), a cordless telephone or a corridor telephone with an extended cord is very convenient. Then it’s possible, having opened the door on the chain (but only on a very strong chain), to hand the guest the receiver so that he himself can directly talk with the owners of the apartment, and they decide whether to trust him or not.

In this case, the transfer of the phone to a stranger should be recognized as an unsafe operation, the rules of which the child must be taught. An excessively exposed arm outside a door can simply intercept and, twisting and breaking fingers or otherwise causing pain, cause the children to open the door. The same can be said about situations involving the transfer of packages, letters, notes, etc., into the door slot. When transmitting the telephone (as well as any other thing), you should be behind the door, inserting only the edge of the handset into the slot (or the corner of correspondence, parcel).

By the way, this rule applies not only to children, but equally to adult family members. With this tactic of transfer, the owners risk only a handset, but not all the property of the apartment. When using a cordless telephone, you can risk lowering the handset from the window into the yard on a rope. And do not scold children for the fact that the attacker took her away. But things did not carry away. And the child did no harm. So, consider it easy to get off. If there is no telephone, the child should ask the guest to call the neighbors, talk with them, and only then, when they see familiar faces through the peephole, open the door.

Including for this reason, I highly recommend being friends with neighbors and not conflict over trifles. As they say, do not spit in the well a hundred times come in handy. To simplify telephone control, it is advisable to store a notebook near the telephone with a list of telephones of the city and district police departments, district inspector, clinic, housing department, telephone exchange, military registration and enlistment offices, etc. organizations on behalf of which apartment robbers like to speak. If there are children in the family, you need to hang a table with coarsely drawn numbers near the phone. Two digits 02 and at the same time 01 and 03.

And explain in what cases what phone to call, what and how to talk. And just below and just as coarsely write your work phone, on which you can call for any reason. And in case of a breakdown, the phone of one of your own people who have a closer phone to you, colleagues. A hammer should hang a little further than the number plate. To pound them on the walls, if the phone is suddenly silent, and someone will be picking in the lock. Moreover, the neighbors should know the value of these knocks. But a hammer is, of course, a primitive remedy. Because there are mobile phones that, if you do not call them, but keep them exclusively for disturbing calls, may be acceptable for the family budget.

Not? Is it expensive anyway? Then replace them with portable radios. They are cheaper and do not require any monthly fee. One good friend of mine acquired a similar radio station and reconfigured it to a police wave. So now his daughter can talk not only with him, but also with police patrols. Well, how do you like this offer? Again expensive? Then make temporary telephone lines, intercoms, electrical and mechanical calls to lower and upper neighbors. It is desirable to those who are pensioners and therefore almost always at home. Do what you want, but the alarm in your apartment should be.

And no excuses about the high cost of mobile phones, radio stations and electric calls are not accepted. Stream that they are not so expensive. Compared to the lives of children. In conclusion, I want to talk about a thief who successfully operated several years ago in big cities, mainly in new buildings. And using the “children’s factor” in its combinations. Possessing a pleasant appearance and courteous manners (and how otherwise the profession obliges), she approached the first child who was well-dressed, and, stroking his head, sighed.

How did you grow, Lyalechka!
I’m not Lyalechka, I’m Masha, corrected the child.
So I called you Lyalya when you were like that. And now the bride! How time flies! It seems that only yesterday your mother helped you feed your pacifier … How do you live? Like mom like dad?

And the child, not sensing a dirty trick, told his aunt what it was actually better to keep silent about. How else? Do not send the unknown parental friend to hell. They didn’t learn to talk to adults like that. More and more on the contrary, patiently and. respectfully. Having successfully completed reconnaissance in battle, the aunt went directly to business.

You seem to have moved? she recalled. But I haven’t been with you. All work yes work. May I accompany you and at the same time see how you settled down?

Not all children immediately agreed to voluntarily open the home door. But aunt didn’t back down.

Are you probably afraid? Are you afraid of me? Oh you honey! Well, let’s call your mom to work. What is her number? I forget all the time.

Lacking or distorting the numbers, the thief, hearing beeps in the handset of the pay phone, chatted with her longtime girlfriend for almost half an hour.

Do you remember Lucy … And how Lyalya fell from the crib … I want to meet myself … I’ll come in and take a look. And Masha does. Yes, Masha?

And the child, hearing a lively, well-scripted and actor-like conversation, did not realize that he was in monologue mode. Since aunt speaks, she speaks with someone. The child is simply not able to suspect forgery in this case. Here, an adult doesn’t immediately realize.

Oh yes, the carpet (or a fur coat, or a blanket does not matter)! Sorry Sorry, for God’s sake! I’ll forget all the time. It’s awkward! Or maybe now? Maybe not put off? So Mashenka will help me. Well, kiss you…

And Masha unlocked the door, and escorted the thief into the rooms, and showed the carpet, which had to be “given to each other” for dry cleaning.

But why don’t you give your guest tea to drink? the aunt shamed the child. Go prepare, while I pack the carpet.

And while Masha was warming tea in the kitchen, the swindler was stuffing a rolled-up carpet with valuable things and clothes pulled out of cupboards. She was in no hurry. She also drank tea with hostel bagels. She also forced Masha to help her drag her own carpet to a car or tram stop. And Masha dragged, torn.

And what did the thief risk? The fact that the owners will return? You can always portray embarrassment, but one must make such a mistake and have time to retire before the ill-fated carpet is deployed. Police dogs were usually brought only to a stop or a car. Further the track was lost. It was most often difficult for the child to describe Tetin’s portrait. Here’s a seemingly adventurous, but in fact very accurately psychologically calculated scam.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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