Desert – how to survive the sun?

Desert and vast sandy areas in the world. There are no difficulties for people in the area.

It is better than a moonlit night. It is easy to go astray, step on a snake or on a scorpion. There are no exact maps of the desert. This makes travel much more difficult. Go better along the paths or caravan routes. Typically, these routes are far from quicksand, along the way there are wells and ponds, settlements. It is not recommended that you move to the sea. Usually small rivers “break off” You can also navigate by the stars and the prevailing winds in the area. If you want to avoid sunburn and dehydration.

The sun

It is very important to protect yourself from the sun. The color of the collar is a must-have. Also, clothes should not be spacious, not fit to the body. It can be used as a headgear. Burnus or a turban are best suited for this purpose. It is a harsh climate pattern. Plus there you can.

It can be made from a. Burnus is made of this way: a square piece of matter is taken (approximately 1.2 x 1.2 m), which is cut diagonally. One of the triangles is thrown over the head. It is desirable to slightly moisten this piece of matter. The second triangle is piled with the cord. If you wear shoes, it will be your foot. It can be done for a little bit and it will be done. It should also be cold, temperature drops sometimes reach 40-50 ° C? Therefore, it should be a raincoat or a blanket.

How to deal with thirst?

It is absolutely necessary to have adequate supply of water. It is better to neglect it. But it is often wetting the throat. In the forest, water is used. Water collected from wells, especially in settlements, needs to be boiled. Also watch the flight of birds at sunrise and before sunset. Birds around them.

You also need to save power and regulate perspiration. Making it a bit taller for 10-15 minutes. While walking, you can take a gum to reduce thirst. It is desirable to rest in the shade. You can build a temporary shelter from the sun in the form of an awning. You need to walk in measured, slow pace. We must refrain from smoking – it provokes thirst. It is a great deal of desire and there is no need to take it away.


And finally, it’s about sandstorms. Sudden absolute silence heralds the approach of the storm. It seems to be a huge, rapidly approaching cloudy sky. The strength and duration of the sandstorm depends on the strength of the wind. If you notice that you are going to get a safe shelter. They can serve as a large stone, some ruins, the tops of the dunes. You can not hide in ditches and dry beds!

If you want to hide it in the raincoat. Close the respiratory tract or folded scarf. It is not necessary to take shelter from the road.

Keep in mind!

Desert &# 8212; How to survive the sun?

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