Designs of shooting traps with percussion mechanisms and grate igniter, general principle of operation.

The design of the shooting traps with percussion mechanisms is a little more complicated than the preparation, but they have the least delay when triggered. The simplest trap that can be made from some cartridges with sensitive capsules can be obtained by inserting the cartridge into a tube that does not go beyond its dimensions, the capsules rest on a nail. When stepping on a cartridge, the capsule sticks and a shot occurs. 

The reliability and sensitivity of this design leaves much to be desired, although it is possible to increase the sensitivity of the trap by sharpening the capsule. Further complication occurs due to the installation of various kinds of impactors. You can install the trunk on a box (butt), and tie a nail on an elastic band. The nail can be mounted on a flexible stick or board, when the trigger is used, it strikes the capsule.

Designs of shooting traps with shock mechanisms and igniter, general principle of operation.

A mousetrap can be used as the simplest home-made product, a hole is drilled in the bottom and a cartridge with a stem is inserted there. A similar design can be installed both across the path and on it with the trunk up. A mousetrap can help alert the self-made trunk (ignition). To do this, stick on a sticky tape (or a piece of paper greased with glue) with a lid, a child’s plastic percussion cap similar to a centrifuge capsule, you can use a centroba.

Designs of shooting traps with percussion mechanisms and grate igniter, general principle of operation.
match to some object (you can match another match), and between them lay a piece of grater with a box tied to a thread. It is better to strengthen the grater by gluing a strip of paper or cloth to it. Suppose, on the side of a bottle of flammable liquid, a hunting match is wound (preferably with adhesive tape) (two or three can be), a strip with a grater is placed between the match head and the bottle, it is only possible between match heads.

It is necessary to pull the thread sharply enough and pull out the grater strip, the bottle can be thrown. In automatic traps, things are a little more complicated. In the designs shown in the figures, the gum is held by the pushpin with a thread loop. Self-arrows on the last and penultimate shemka can be alerted up the barrel.

When pulling the grater with an elastic band or a spring, an unpleasant effect is observed. With a fairly sharp jerk, the match does not light up and therefore you need to figure out how to slow down the speed of the jerk. When using a falling load, this effect does not occur. In this regard, in some cases it makes sense to tie the stretch directly to the grater. The grater to the seed match can be pressed not only with another match as shown in the figures, but also with a strip of thick paper.

To do this, grater is pressed to the seed match, and this grater is pressed with a strip of paper. A strip of paper is tied to the barrel with an interference fit with adhesive tape, it is possible with threads, or better with an elastic band or, in extreme cases, a condom.

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