Destruction technology

He has been able to naturally accept his child’s life. This is a natural course of things.

They lie to us

It was once a matter of course.

It will be clear how it will be legalized. It will be clear that it will be completed. Like child euthanasia, by the way.

What else can you be pulled out of our world using the technology described by Overton?

It works flawlessly.

Joseph P. Overton (1960-2003), Mackinac Center Public Policy Center, Senior Vice President. He died in a plane crash. Public opinion posthumously named Window overtona.

Joseph Overton is a rule of thumb.

There is a so-called. window of opportunity. It may be not publicly discussed, openly supported, promoted, attempted to consolidate legislatively. I’m not sure, I’ve been talking to and enshrined in the laws.

This is not a brainwashing per se, but thinner technologies. They are subject to the society, the victim of the very fact of the impact.

Below, I’ll take it first step, then I’m taking it right.

Take for example something completely unimaginable. For example, you can legalize each other. Hard enough example?

It will not be possible to stand. The situation of the window of opportunity. This stage, according to the Overtones, is called the Unthinkable. This will be realized after passing through the window of opportunity.


Once again, Overton is described as TECHNOLOGY, which allows you to legalize.

Note! He did not propose a concept, he described the working technology. This is the sequence of actions. This could be more effective than a thermonuclear charge.

How bold it is!

The topic of cannibalism is still disgusting and completely unacceptable in society. The decent company. While this is unthinkable, absurd, forbidden phenomenon. It is the transfer of the cannibalism from the unthinkable to the radical.

We have freedom of speech.

So why not talk about cannibalism?

Scientists are supposed to talk to scientists, they are supposed to study everything. This is the case of the “Polynesia”. This is an authoritative statement about cannibalism.

You see, it can be substantively talked about, as they were, remain within the limits of scientific respectability.

Overton window has already moved. That is what was indicated. This is to ensure a negative positive attitude towards society.

Some of the “Society of Radical Cannibals” should certainly appear. It can be seen only in the right media.

First, this is another fact of expression. And secondly, the shocking thugs. It will be “bad cannibals” as opposed to another scarecrow – “But there can be a good idea.”

It was a “grayscale” that was created.

Why not?

It is a step by step.

At this stage, we continue to quote “scientists.” After all, you can not turn away from knowledge? About cannibalism. Anyone who needs a hypocrite and a hypocrite.

Condemning hypocrisy, you must definitely come up with cannibalism elegant name. Labels Ka ’.

Attention! Creating a euphemism is a very important moment. To replace the original name.

No more cannibalism.

Now it is called, for example, anthropophagy. This is a definition.

It is not a problem. Cannibalism is transformed into anthropophagy, and then into anthropophilia.

But the main thing is legitimized. It can be found that it can be in accordance with the law.

“Remembering the dangers of thirst with her blood?”

“Everybody in a row – the Romans had it in the order of things!”

“Well, the Christians who are closest to us, especially, with anthropophilia, everything is in perfect order! Flesh of their god. Christian church for anything? Who the hell are you? “

This is a step up from the criminal prosecution. At least once, at some historical moment.

So be it

It’s possible to make a difference.

This is the third stage. It completes the fragmentation of a single problem.

“It is in human nature”
“Sometimes it is necessary to eat a person, there are insuperable circumstances”
“There are people who want to eat them”
“Anthropofilov provoked!”
“The forbidden fruit is always sweet”
“A person who has the right to decide”
“It is not anthropophile or anthropofob”
“Is there any harm in anthropophilia? Its inevitability has not been proven. “

In the public mind, an artificially created “battlefield” for the problem. Scarecrows are cannibalism appear.

They are not trying to make it out. The image of the psychopaths is that it provides all of the above, except for real opponents of legalization.

In this scenario, the so-called. anthropophiles remain, between them, in the case of sanity and humanity, “they condemn” fascists of all stripes. “

“Scientists” and this is normal. It can be transferred from the anthropophilia. Overton window moves on.

In a good way

It is necessary to use it, if it is possible, with modern media people.

Anthropophilia massively penetrates news and talk shows. People are in a movie of wide distribution, video clips.

One of the methods of popularization is called “Look around!”

“Did you not know? .. an anthropophile. “

“And one well-known Polish screenwriter, he was even pursued.”

“And what about the mental hospitals! How many millions have been sent, deprived of citizenship! .. Whats up with Lady Gaga “Eat me baby”?

Autonomously develops it, and it begins to autonomously.

It is a process that has been carried out in public.

Then, at a moment, there was a choice of professional choice: “Gentlemen, in fact, And that’s not that, but in this. And it’s a little bit more direction.

It is not a problem.

“These are creative people. Well, ate his wife and what? “

“They sincerely love their victims. Eating means love! “

“Anthropophiles have increased IQ and otherwise”

“The anthropophiles themselves sacrifices, their lives made”

“They were brought up like this”, etc.

This kind of frills -.

“We will tell you a tragic love story! He wanted to eat her! And she just wanted to be eaten! Who are we to judge them? Perhaps this is love? Who are you? “

We are the power here

It makes it possible for you to move forward.

The preparation of the legislative base begins. Lobbyist groups in power consolidate and emerge from the shadows. Public opinion polls are reportedly allegedly confirming a high percentage of supporters of legalization of cannibalism. Politicians are starting to roll the ballots of this topic. A new dogma is introduced into the public consciousness – “the prohibition of eating people is prohibited”.

This is a ban of taboos, a tolerance for deviations of society.

From the category “current policy”, it was already broken. The legislative consolidation of the unthinkable things not so long ago. But in general, society is already broken. It has already agreed with its defeat.

It was inevitably a rule. So it was with the legalization of pederasty (now they demand to call themselves gay). Europe is legalizing incest and child euthanasia.

How to break technology

It is the easiest way to live a society. There is no clear separation of good and evil.

Do you want to talk about what your mother is a whore? Want to print a report about this in a journal? Sing a song. Prove it in the end that being a whore is normal and even necessary? This is the technology described above. She relies on permissiveness.

No taboo.

There is nothing sacred.

There are no sacral concepts, the discussion of which is prohibited immediately. All this is not. And what is there?

There is a so-called freedom of speech, turned into freedom of dehumanization. Before our eyes, you can remove the framework of self-destruction. Now the road is open there.

Do you think anything?

Not a damn thing.

But personally, you must be human. A person is able to find a solution to any problem. It is a common idea. Look around.

Destruction technology

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