“Detachment 731” – the terrible truth about the Japanese death factory

South Korea is mainly due to the war criminals. There are still many posts of responsibility. In the notorious special “Detachment 731”. This is not a big deal. Josef Mengel. It’s not. It could be sure that science could give this victory.

Once on the hills of Manchuria, a terrible factory started to work. It was a “raw materials” and “products” could be destroyed. It was not clear. But it’s a little bit different.

“Science has always been the killers’ best friend.”

It all started back in 1926, when Emperor Hirohito occupied the throne of Japan. He chose the motto “Showa” for the period of his reign. Hirohito believed in the power of science:

“Science has always been the killers’ best friend. There are millions of people in a very short period of time. “

The emperor knew what he was talking about. And believed that biological weapons It is a descendant of peace.

Buildings & quot; squad 731 & quot;Building “Detachment 731”

The emperor’s ideas about “Scientific weapons” found support among the aggressively minded Japanese military. They understood that they would not win a war on war. Therefore, they were sent to the bacteriological laboratories of Italy, the USSR and France.

In his final report, he submitted that he biological weapons Land Rising Sun.

“Unlike artillery shells, bacteriological weapon It is not capable of killing manpower, but it is not capable. She can not contaminate it. Bacteria willn’t be broken, ”said Ishii.


It was not surprising. Throughout its existence “Detachment 731”.

They were called “logs”

The detachment was stationed in 1936 near the village of Pingfang (at that time, the territory of the state of Manchukuo). It consisted of almost 150 buildings. The graduates were the most prestigious of Japanese science.

The detachment was stationed in China for several reasons. First, when it was deployed, it was very difficult to observe secrecy. Secondly, in the event of a leak of materials, the Chinese population would not be Japanese. Finally, in China, the “logs” were called.

A bit about Japanese military scienceA bit about Japanese military science

“We considered that“ logs ”were not people, that they were even lower than cattle. However, there wasn’t any sympathy for the “logs”. It was a completely natural thing, “one of the employees “Detachment 731”.

There were no results for various disease strains. Ishii’s “favorite” was the plague. He has been a 60 foot bacterium to infect the body.

The experiments were carried out mainly as follows. There were special cells in the detachment (where people were locked up). People were infected by their body. They were further dissected alive,

Opening the child. It was thanks to the Japanese surgeons became excellent specialists.Opening the child. It was thanks to the Japanese surgeons became excellent specialists.

They were not always bored. In this case, it was not used.

More “lucky” experiments: “Experimenters” “It had purple-red faces,” one of the employees said “Detachment 731”. – It wasn’t the case. Our experiments have been shown to be a pigeon. In the conditions of the pigeon perished, the experimental person perished also ”.


It was a special case for the United States and the USSR. According to employees’ stories, there were no problems with ammunition. “Detachment 731” If there were any conditions.

And a little more about the experiencesAnd a little more about the experiences

In July 1944, saved. It is a plan of Japanese livestock and crops. It was understood that it could be realized.

122 degrees Fahrenheit

But “Detachment 731” dealt not only with biological weapons. Scientists also wanted to complete their studies.

For example, it was possible to reduce the amount of heat and moisture. Find out by experience. “It was under cold water,” he said. former member of the special squad. “If they’ve been sticking to the bottom of a tree, they’ve been knocking it up.” Their hands. It was a girlfriend who was on her hands.

The Chinese in the & quot; Detachment 731 & quot;Chinese in “Detachment 731”

Slaughter: It was turned into mummies. For this, people were placed in a hot, heated room with low humidity. He was completely dried out. Then the body was weighed, while it turned out that it weighs about 22% of the original mass. So in “Detachment 731” another “discovery” was made: the human body is 78% water.

For the imperial air force, experiments were carried out in pressure chambers. “It was pumped out,” he recalled. If you want to take it out, then you will be able to get it out. . Finally, the man just blew up alive. For their pilots.

Doctors of the Japanese soldiersDoctors of the Japanese soldiers

There were experiments just for “curiosity.” , The organs were separate from the living body; limbs; poured into the body of the blood; put under the most powerful x-ray radiation; scalded various parts of the body with boiling water; tested for sensitivity to electric current. Scientists cann’t be scattered around a living person.

It is about three thousand people who died in the laboratories. However, some researchers claim that the experimenters were much more.

“Information of Extreme Importance”

End of existence “Detachment 731” put the Soviet Union. On August 9, 1945, it was ordered to “act at its own discretion.”

Some materials were burned in specially dug pits. It was decided to destroy the surviving experimental subjects. Some of them were gassed, and some were nobly allowed to commit suicide. There was a huge hallway where there were no human organs. This “show room” in anhuman nature. “Detachment 731”.

“It is unacceptable that these troops should not be advised,”

And finallyAnd finally

But some of the most important materials have been preserved. It is a fact that it has been taken for its freedom.

And what about the pentagon, it said, “It’s not worth it.”

Therefore, it’s not a problem. “Detachment 731” The conclusion that “the headquarters of the leadership “Detachment 731”, It is no reason to accuse a detachment of war crimes. “

Some employees & quot; Detachment 731 & quot; at the trial in the USSRSome employees of “Detachment 731” at the trial in the USSR

Thus, except for the death squad (deaths), it’s not.

Prince Takeda (the cousin of Emperor Hirohito), who inspected the special squad, also won the 1964 Games. And Shiro Ishii himself, an evil genius “Detachment 731”, he lived comfortably in Japan and died only in 1959.

“Detachment 731” &# 8212; the death

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