Detection of a suspicious object, which may be an explosive device, evacuation, behavior in a crowd.

If a citizen detects a suspicious object that may prove to be an explosive device, it is necessary to act immediately. Similar objects are found in transport, on landings, near apartment doors, in institutions and public places. How to behave when they are detected? What actions to take? 

Detection of a suspicious object that could be an explosive device, evacuation, crowd behavior.

If the discovered item should not, in your opinion, be in this place, do not disregard this fact. If you find a forgotten or ownerless thing in public transport, interview people nearby. Try to establish whose she and who could leave her. If the owner is not installed, immediately inform the driver (driver) of the find.

try to keep calm and the ability to soberly assess the situation. Do not join the rally for fun. First, find out if the rally is authorized, for which the speakers are campaigning. Do not join unregistered organizations. Participation in events of such organizations may result in criminal penalties. During the riots try not to get into the crowd, both participants and spectators. You may fall under the actions of special forces fighters.

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