Diets that work, or “Bear Gill involuntarily”

Overweight is a rather ambiguous thing in terms of survival. You can stretch for some time. On the other hand, it prevents from moving fast, worsens physical fitness. So if “personal stocks” are not your priority, then you need to do something with weight. As an option – to go on some extreme diet. We will tell you about some of these diets now.

“Um, what are some kind of diets doing here? I went to the portal of women? “Many of you will surely ask. Patience, friends. The situation is that these diets are associated with various situations of survival. Very harsh, I must say, situations.

Diet “ice”

He lived in Magadan someone Andrei Timchenko. Big fan of ice fishing. But as you know, it can be seen as a show. And Andrew was no exception. Found after 9 days – of frozen exhaustion. But it was not a rule. So, he spent 3 months in a hospital, losing 31 kg as a result. Very good result in terms of nutrition.

Diet “desert”

While traveling in Australia, one Robert Bogutsky suddenly realized that his whole life was wrong. To achieve enlightenment. No sooner said than done. “It was found” 40 days later, it was found. During the “lost” he lost 26 kg. Ohhhhhhhhhhh?

Diet “sea”

It was a man who came out on a yacht, a man who went out on a yacht and a boat. This happened, for example, in 2002 with Richard van Fam. But he was still lucky – only 4 months on a strict diet, 20 kg! Raw fish, dried fish, dried seagulls – but there was no choice.

Diet “speed”

Also very popular. If you’re looking for a car, you’ll be able to take your own car If you have been working for 5 weeks in a row, feeding it through. A certain Denis Kulikov thus lost as much as 23 kg!

Diet “weekend”

For a walk with a dog. But not the dog. But what happened to you on the ground. I spent 2 days for calling it for help. And during this time I lost 7 kg. By the way, I knew that it was a dog, that it was a fiction. Or else, Mr. Ladinsky had an unusually stupid dog.

Diet “high mountain”

Jim Wilson and Jim Wilson. But they got to spend 10 days in a tent. They have come up with alcohol. But everything had to be saved the most severely. Lose weight during this time by 15 kg each. It’s not a hunger boredom.

Diet “passionate”

Someone Hor Azaryan was a very obedient son. When it was needed, There were some minor difficulties. The citizen was covered with uncontrollable vomiting. So harsh that even an ambulance call came. He lost 18 kg, but nothing happened. I had to get divorced.

Diet “medical”

A lawsuit was filed against one of California hospitals. Claudia Di Garona, Claims lay down the risk to the psyche. As much as 17 kg! This is a fair demand.

Diet “emergency”

It can help you to reduce your health. Get infected by some interesting disease. Cholera, dysentery or malaria will work best in this regard. Weight loss from “disease-treatment-recovery” is provided to you!

Diets that work, or &# 171; Bear gill reluctantly&# 187;

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