Digger inventory: Fenix ​​FD20 low cost pocket light

Lanterns – More than just the camera and the camera. Therefore, we select the lights, based on their functionality, brightness and brightness, above all, on reliability. It would be a hefty spotlight. Fortunately, we’re looking at the compact lights.

I have already done a review of the focus. Fd30 from the company Fenixlight limited. In mid-April, the company Fenix adjustable focus FD20, May entered. It is time to consider it. Fd30.

Technical characteristics of Fenix ​​FD20

FD20 This is the third flashlight from Fenix in the model range with adjustable beam. The 6060? And forming 2 beams. Does the fill ray shine at 78? the illuminator of up to 48 meters ,? up to 78? and illuminates objects at a distance of 115 meters.

Reflector Fenix ​​FD20

Other specifications as per specification:

Manufacturer Fenixlight Limited (china)
The brand Fenix
Series Fd
Light-emitting diode Cree XP-G2 S3
Luminous flux lm up to 350
Range, m up to 115
Batteries 2 AA alkaline batteries or 2 Ni-MH or Li-ion batteries up to 1.5 volts
Modes four
Length mm 153.2
Diameter, mm 20
Head diameter, mm 25.4
Weight, g 87 (excluding batteries)
Water resistant IP68 (immersion up to 2 meters)
Body material aviation aluminum

Modes of operation Fenix ​​FD20

The flashlight has 4 modes. To demonstrate the modes, I took pictures. It was a time when I’ve taken a decent distance.

Fenix ​​FD20 power button

Rotary ring adjustment of reflectors Fenix ​​FD20

Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) 2500 mAh batteries. It is worth noting that the laboratory climate in a wet Baltic climate.

Mode 1: Weak

8 lumens. Up to 55 hours on batteries and up to 80 hours on batteries. Shines on 7 meters.

Mode 2: Medium

8 lumens. Up to 12 hours on batteries. Shines on 18 meters.

Mode 3: Powerful

100 lumens Up to 4 hours and 30 minutes on batteries. At 25 points.

Mode 4: Turbo

350 lumens. Up to 36 minutes on batteries and up to 2 hours on batteries. Scored at 48 points.

Comparison with FD30

He wanted to check the differences. Lamp Fd30 equipped with a cree XP-L LED with a maximum output of 900 lumens, in turn in FD20 Cree XP-G2 S3 installed at 350 lumens. For the test, I’m not too far from the forest. I settled down in 100 steps (about 70 meters) from the building, set up both lights for 350 Zoom out to the maximum. There are no rays of light. Therefore, the LED is the only difference.

Fenix ​​FD20

Fenix ​​FD30

Fenix ​​FD20

Fenix ​​FD30


I will not touch on such nuances as weight, size, etc. because I do not consider them significant. At the lantern FD20, unlike older brother Fd30, there is no side button to switch modes. The flashlight is turning on the taillight. Less comfort than that of Fd30. Tail button itself in FD20, Although it is just like in Fd30 In the upright position. But this is not the main problem.

It is a question of escaping from my throat. The button works reversely. That is what I mean. It could be turned on with a half-pushing button. Thus, it was possible to give “signals”, or “Those. It was possible to hold it in a semi-pressed state. AT FD20 this can not be done. The button works the other way around. It is a frivolous pattern. Therefore, it will simply switch the flashlight on. This is a paragraph.

The rest of the interface remains unchanged. Rotary ring in FD20 exactly the same as in Fd30 – rotates 360? to change the focus of the reflectors. But it depends on the LEDs. It’s not worth it. The lamp will turn on each time.

Technical characteristics of Fenix ​​FD30 and FD20

Model Fd30 FD20
Light-emitting diode Cree XP-L HI LED Cree XP-G2 SZ
Luminous flux lm up to 900 up to 350
Range, m up to 200 up to 115
Modes 5 + strobe four
Batteries * 1 18650 battery 2 AA alkaline batteries
Maximum operation time up to 2 hours (900 lumens) / up to 4.5 hours (350 lumens) up to 36 minutes
Minimum operation time (8 lm) up to 170 hours up to 55 hours
Flashlight price $ 75 $ 55
Price starter kit * $ 107 $ 55

I previously wrote that FD20 It can only be used as a battery. Why?! Initially, the battery comes with the flashlight. It is also possible to use a battery of 18650 batteries and insert 3 AAA batteries into an adapter. It is possible, but why?

The table shows that very much in functionality. The question arises: why Fenix released a lantern FD20 To the market? The answer is simple – the price!


In the table I indicated two prices for lanterns. This is a flashlight. For choosing between these two lamps.

FD20 It is a low power cost. Included with the lantern are 2 AA batteries, so you can go and light your way.

In turn, for work Fd30 You need to buy a battery for $ 10 per starter kit. Of course, you can save $ 10, but why? In this case, you can buy a flashlight in the same place for $ 10.

? I also wanted to save money for 2000 lumens and 4 18650 batteries for 5000 mAh with charging for only $ 30, thinking about what I am smartest economist. My greed responded to me. And there were even 1500 mAh, no. Hey, I’m not a lot of light. One! Wonderful. After some time, the board is burned out. And also at the wrong time.


Lamp Fenix FD20 – In the case of a searchlight. Despite his technical gap with his older brother Fd30, Fenix ​​FD20 anyway is EDC high power lamp featuring good performance in price / quality ratio.

I was very upset by the functionality of the flashlight, I was very upset by its functionality. It’s not a problem. Flashlight paired with my Fd30. It is a good idea to make it.

He must be willing to pay.

Thank you for attention!

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