Disaster and emergency medicine. Allowance.

, resulting from an accident, natural hazard, catastrophe, natural or other disaster, sabotage, epidemic, epizootic, epiphytotic or other event that could result in or result in human casualties, damage to human health or the environment, significant material losses and violation living conditions of people.

Medical evacuation is a system of measures to remove those affected from the disaster area who need medical attention and treatment outside of it. It begins with the organized removal, removal and removal of victims from the disaster area, where they provide first aid and medical treatment at the second stage of medical evacuation, which provide the full amount of medical care and provide final treatment.

Fast delivery of the affected to the first and final stages of medical evacuation is one of the main means of achieving timely medical care and combining medical and evacuation measures dispersed on the ground and in time. The ultimate goal of evacuation is the hospitalization of the victim of the appropriate profile in the medical institution. Where he will be provided with the full amount of medical care and final treatment (evacuation as prescribed).

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