Disease prevention and treatment in an economic crisis, home or family doctor.

Any destabilization of society inevitably affects the health of its population. Indirectly, a decline in living standards contributing to the development of diseases. And a direct deterioration in medical care. What we are observing today. You can’t come to the clinic without an insurance policy? 

Disease prevention and treatment in an economic crisis, home or family doctor.

You can’t get the extra analysis without hearing that you have to pay for every whim of the sick clinic. You cannot prescribe a free cure for illnesses, and even lying in a hospital will not always receive the prescribed medication. You will pay for an ultrasound examination by blood, and for swallowing a fiber microscope, too, and for everything else that used to be completely free.

and its shelf life. Expired medicines are not worth buying. And, of course, any medicine must be accompanied by an appropriate certificate of quality and a conclusion on pharmacological testing, which you must present to the pharmacy upon request. And it’s better not to buy medicines at a pharmacy. Even if they are very cheap. The most qualified advice on a particular drug can be given by your friends doctors or pharmacists. Only necessarily familiar, those who care about your health.

But even they are better off providing complete information on the medicine. Not the one that leads the ad. And not even the one that is attached to each bottle and is intended for the patient. A detailed one is contained in the accompanying documents. Or invested in containers where the drug is transported. The latest recipe is universal. Which in the greatest degree solves all problems of the patient left without guardianship. A two-word recipe.

Home doctor.

Well, or a family doctor. Or a medical illness consultant. The name does not matter. In general, a person knowledgeable in medical matters who agrees to defend your interests in front of a person who turns away from you, is a national health care provider. Well, something like a lawyer, only from medicine. The institution of family doctrine that existed in Russia was destroyed in the seventeenth year, along with the privileged classes that it served. Doctors entering the house were replaced by state district therapists. Which began not to treat patients, but to serve the site.

The new system of medical care gradually settled down and began to provide the population, though not first-class, but quite acceptable, and most importantly, publicly accessible from the district clinic to the central research institute of medical care. In this scheme, the position of family doctor was superfluous. But then medicine staggered, and the need came to recall the forgotten profession of a family doctor. On a new level. At the level of a wild market that has fallen on us. Because that market, with its not the most humane postulates, began to actively penetrate into such a humane sphere as medicine.

In the form of insurance policies and firms, allowed paid services provided by clinics and hospitals, private medical practice, private trade in medicines and medical equipment. Why the PROFIT law came face to face with another, fundamental medical law DO NOT HARM. And he came into conflict with him. And I’m afraid I won. First of all, in the soul of each specific doctor. Because the economy is potentially stronger than morality. After all, being honest is unprofitable. And to follow universal precepts, including medical ones, is unprofitable … Everything is unprofitable, except profit.

Try to take the place of the doctor and solve the problem, in the conditions of which it is written that you have two medicines, one that is better and cheaper, and one that is worse, but more expensive. But from the implementation of which you, as a doctor, receive a percentage of the profits. Which of them should be prescribed to the patient? Or another task where you can help the patient: during the day at the clinic, but only for a salary, or in the evening, after work, privately, at the same or even worse level, but for a good reward? Or prescribe an operation not indicated to the patient, but well-paid by him, instead of an almost free drug treatment?

Or offer a cure for disease, knowing that it is at least useless? Well, or even just confirm its effectiveness in television or newspaper advertising? Which patient should be treated in good faith, which one should give the best cure for diseases, which urgent to operate, and with which, despite the threat to his life, to wait? Paid, with which direct personal fat? Or free, from which, apart from analyzes and verbal thanks, nothing to get?

Well, what will you choose, being preoccupied with personal financial problems, a doctor? Be honest, but poor? Or a little step back from their principles and get rich? And then a little more to step back and get even more rich? And how can I then believe the doctors and domestic medicine as a whole, if they were led into such a temptation? How to be sure that they do not deceive me in the field of healthcare? How to understand the numerous medical offers that come from all sides? How to separate really useful methods of treatment from useless, and useless from harmful to health?

How to be sure that this is a prescribed imported medicine for diseases that I have never heard of, or that this operation will not harm me? How to make sure of the professional training of the attending physician? Who is able to protect me, not even from dishonest medical workers, but from the contradiction between self-interest and medical duty and the conscience that our medicine has faced, laid down by ill-conceived reforms? Who?

Only a specialist. Which is well versed in the medical services market. That is, the same doctor, but interested in my health. Personally! Due to family relationships or long-standing friendships. Or even financially. But INTERESTED! Then I will be ill calmly. What, you do not have money to pay for a personal doctor? I admit. But there are some professional skills that you can offer in return for medical care. According to the scheme, service for service. For example, servicing a car of a doctor’s neighbor living on a floor below. Or repair his plumbing. Or dig a garden.

Doesn’t fit? Then marry your sons and give your daughters married exclusively to graduates of medical schools. Or, if they want to marry only out of love, send them to study at these medical schools themselves. And then you will be provided with medical care until the end of your days. Again not suitable? Then there is nothing left but to pay. Better in the end result. The ideal scheme for the relationship of the doctor-patient was proposed by the ancient Eastern rulers. There, the court doctor received money for health. That is, until the sultan was ill, the physician went on a solid salary with all the allowable bonuses.

And then somehow strange it turns out medical care is getting worse, and prices are rising. From here, if you pay anyway, it’s better for a specialist whom I trust. Better to a family doctor who is related or financially interested in my health. What should a home doctor know and be able to do? Know your patients. Their health status, hereditary, childhood and chronic sores, the degree of risk of a particular disease, the individual tolerance of drugs for diseases and their biography, profession, place of previous work, habits, relationships, that is, everything that also affects health.

Be able to speak with representatives of official or private medicine in their professional language. And protect the interests of the patient in this language. Choose the least harmful treatments, medications, and surgery. And the cheapest, without sacrificing quality, medical services. Learn in advance about the qualification level of the surgeon or other doctor appointed for the operation, regardless of his rank. Accompany the patient to the operating table, and ideally, supervise the operation so that by chance they do not stitch gloves or another piece of medical wardrobe into the wound.

Organize patient care. At any time of the day or night, give qualified medical advice. Including those tips that an outsider will not turn to … But the most important thing is to love your patients. To be a close person to them. Almost a member of the family. And therefore, strive in every way to extend their age and maintain their health. What neither the local therapist, nor the attending physician, nor even the Minister of Health himself can afford. Because they are responsible for the site, for the department, for health care in general, and no one for just the patient.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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