Diseases caused by the geographical environment, vitamin deficiency and malnutrition, acclimatization and adaptation of the body.

A change in climatic and geographical conditions is one of the important circumstances associated with staying in different climatic zones. Even an ordinary trip to another locality, country, to another continent can lead to serious disorders in the body and a long illness. 

In our age of speed and fast movement, time zones and climatic zones often change. All this cannot but affect your well-being. For the body to adapt to new conditions, it takes some time. This period is called acclimatization or adaptation of the body to new conditions. The more geographic conditions differ from each other, the more difficult and longer the acclimatization.

Diseases caused by the geographical environment, vitamin deficiency and malnutrition, acclimatization and adaptation of the body.

A sharp change in climate can seriously affect performance, stamina, susceptibility to diseases and their exacerbation. You can avoid many troubles if you know the features of different geographical areas in order to be able to adapt your daily regimen to local conditions..

Climatic features of the world’s deserts : dry air, a sharp change in day and night temperatures, the intensity of solar radiation, the almost complete absence of precipitation. Subtropics and Tropics, on the contrary, they are characterized by increased humidity and insignificant fluctuations in daily temperatures at high intensity of solar radiation.

Acclimatization period in northern areas also has its own characteristics. It’s very difficult to get used to low temperatures. The light mode also changes dramatically – the usual change of day and night. In the winter in the Far North the polar night comes, and in the summer there is a polar day and the sun shines around the clock. All this leads to sharp violations of the human body. Metabolism in the body is accelerated. This is accompanied by drowsiness, fatigue, even with little physical exertion, loss of appetite. Violation of the light regime can lead to insomnia.

not only proteins, carbohydrates and mineral salts, but also vitamins. The lack of certain vitamins in food causes the corresponding vitamin deficiency and related diseases. For example:

Night blindness occurs with a lack of vitamin A. Its symptoms are a decrease in visual acuity at dusk, blindness at night. The skin of the body is dry, flaky.
If furunculosis occurs, that is, multiple abscesses on the body, it is necessary to eat more greens and animal liver.
At the first manifestations of scurvy caused by a lack of vitamin C, ascorbic acid appears pallor of the skin, bluish lips and nails, loosening and bleeding of the gums, pain in the soles and calves.

To avoid this, it is necessary to eat plants containing vitamin C: wild leek, wild onions, pine needles, cedar, cedar stalk, as well as red and black currants, rose hips, raspberries and strawberries. They insist on needles for 18-20 hours, pour boiling water over it, and then drink about 100 grams a day. For the future, it is better not to procure the infusion, but to cook fresh each time, since it quickly loses its healing properties..

With insufficient nutrition, so-called alimentary dystrophy can occur. It manifests itself in increased appetite, muscle pain, rapid urination, general weakness, lowering body temperature, slow heart rate, emaciation and swelling.

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of Survival.
Chernysh I. V.

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