Disguised Weapon: Gun Lighter

One of the interesting shooting devices disguised as ordinary household objects is shooting lighter or lighter gun. Shooting lighter made as a pocket gasoline lighter brand Zippo. Gun lighter It has a rectangular metal case with and a flip cover. The main part of the lighter is a liner in the case.

At the bottom firing lighter there is a label “Zippo”, as well as the patent number of the original gasoline lighter “PAT.2517191”. On the bottom of the insert there is a marking in the form of the designation of the used cartridges “KAL 4MM KURTZ”.

On the inner surfaces of the liner there is a mark in the form of two branches and a number “100”. Shooting device single shot Trunk shooting device located on the wick site, the trigger is the lighter lever.

Together with a cigarette lighter in the kit comes a block with 9 cartridges; on the surface of the block there is a marking “9 Ronson flints”.

Based on information from some sources, there were others firing lighters. Some of them could be used for their intended purpose, although the amount of gasoline in them was minimal, due to the fact that the main part of the hull took directly shooting device.

The presented scheme best demonstrates the principle of operation of such firing lighter. Inside the rectangular case with a lid is installed liner with igniting and shooting devices. The lighter itself is located on the right side of the liner and is a flint and a wheel with a notch to produce sparks, as well as a wick connected to a small container with gasoline.

Shooting device is located in the central part of the liner and is a barrel, the muzzle opening of which is located opposite the wick. Drummer firing lighter mounted on the axis. One side of the striker with the striker is located opposite the rim of the .22 caliber chuck (probably a cartridge with a short sleeve), and the other is opposite the peculiar spring-loaded trigger.

The sear is made in the form of a part swinging on an axis. Trigger device is the protrusion of the lighter body cap. When the lid is fully opened, the protrusion of the lid through the hole in the case presses on one end of the sear, the hammer strikes the gun and the hammer strikes the striker, the striker strikes the cap — a shot occurs. To recharge firing lighter it is necessary to remove the liner, remove the cartridge case, place the cartridge in the chamber, cocking the valve and reinsert the liner into the lighter body.


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