Disinformation of criminals and apartment robbers, the relief of the apartment as a means of security.

As I already mentioned, the best way to save a robbery apartment is to hide the level of your well-being from criminals, and even better to lower it. I do not urge to cover imported walnut sets with unfurnished domestic fiberboard, insert Japanese TVs into cases from old black-and-white “Records” or repaint the Chow Chow as a courtyard lap-dog. I only advise you to be elementary foresight in communicating with the surrounding, not always friendly world. 

Disinformation of criminals and apartment robbers, the relief of the apartment as a means of security.

With a long absence of residents, for example, leaving the whole family on vacation or a long business trip, it is advisable to agree with the neighbors to maintain the illusion of the presence of people in an empty apartment to misinform criminals. To do this, you need to ask the neighbors to constantly pull out newspapers and correspondence from the mailbox. At the same time, she remains intact for your arrival..

. Very effective thing. Just do not use trap grenades, cocked rifles and bows in traps. It will be quite enough to suspend the thief by the leg with the help of a spring or drop on the head the complete works of Leo Tolstoy. In order to accelerate moral education.

Having fallen from the windowsill, and then from the furniture barricade, dropping a couple of flower pots on himself, hitting his foot in a noose and leaving for an oil pool lovingly prepared by the owners, any of the criminals would prefer to escape from such an inhospitable apartment. If this doesn’t seem enough for you, buy traps in the hunting stores and alert them by sprinkling some rags on the path leading to the closet. Although it seems to me that all these furniture barricades and hunting traps are easier to replace with remotely sensed sensors. Or rent an apartment during your absence.

Settlement of temporary tenants on your living space should be recognized as one of the most effective means of criminal prevention. Temporary residents will provide everything that you wanted to have drying clothes on the balcony, blinking lights in the rooms. And they will save you from possible expenses associated with the leakage of central heating batteries or water supply. But only on condition that in these tenants you will be absolutely sure.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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