Dispensary registration with a psychiatrist-narcologist. What is it?

In 1992, the law was adopted. Since there is a need for it, it would be necessary to provide assistance by force, even if it is in dire need of it.

Forced, but not very, hospitalization

As an example, I will cite the most common situation:

It is not clear that he has been able to follow his or her opinion. I wouldn’t like to have been a child. Relatives of such patients, seeing this patient, are not allowed.

It is a teamwork that leads you to your health care team. It can be seen that it can be seen as a matter of fact. more without psychiatric care. But that’s not all. It’s not a matter of course.

Or another example:

Your relative drinks or uses drugs. He therefore does not consider him to be treated. If you want to take care of your health care, you can use it.

Well, then – as in the example described above.

It is not a question of whether or not it is a legal case. But on dispensary registration this law does not apply. It will not be a question of whether you want to be a child or woman. For example, for the bronchial asthma, for registration with the pulmonologist in the clinic?

Dispensary registration with a psychiatrist narcologist

Psychiatric Accounting He was on the 02/11/1964 “On the Compulsory Registration of the Patient.” It has been established that it has been the practice of the psychiatrist on this matter. became registered.

Since then, little has changed. Dispensary observation is established, when it occurs, social maladjustment. Post-traumatic stress disorders and mental retardation (cognitive disorders, etc.). Minors may also “registerIt is a condition that it is not a condition.

Probably, it’s not a “registration”, but “a psychiatrist-narcologist”. Once you’re on the world wide web. Similarly, a psychiatrist-narcologist, even after “just ask”, will remain forever in the annals of the dispensary.

Immediate effects

It would seem – nothing terrible. The card lies in the registry and lies. If you are not registered. If you are going to be able to make a statement, you will have to The driver’s license is a driver’s license.

The same certificate may be required by various government agencies, such as, for example, the guardianship and custody department for minors, etc. Employers, more recently, are increasingly demanding such certificates from their employees. Without your knowledge: registered with a psychiatrist “They are interested in,” ““ It is registered? ”, Etc. a citizen of a mental disorder

But it wasn’t even a card. It simply means that the card was transferred from one shelf to another. It is not a cardiogram card. Although you are interested in shelves with cards.

What can be long-term consequences?

Dear parents! It is a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist – to make a diagnosis! Do not confuse a psychiatrist with psychologists and psychotherapists. This is a completely different area of ​​legal liability. Remember to have an electronic ambulatory card psychiatric diagnosis will remain in it forever, except psychiatrist. You can write some speculation. Entries are made descriptively, according to the principle: “What I’m looking at and sing,”

But you shouldn’t be a psychiatrist less than a neurologist. If you are a therapist, you are not a psychologist at school. If you come to the wrong address, you will receive your long-awaited diagnosis and treatment. There is a line for each in ICD-10. Every doctor of the Russian Federation doesn’t need to be contacted.

It is a question of a psychiatrist during childhood childhood psychiatrist. Even if it’s some kind of “disorder of school skills.” I don’t know what to do. dispensary registration, it would be clear that he was completely healthy. It’s not a problem. But only if it is “registered”, the psychiatrist will be in prison. So, the outcome of this conversation is a psychiatric hospital.

It is also necessary, for those who have been “tied up” alcoholics. It’s not. Therefore, do not rush to escape or stay in peace for two nights. If you’re in peacetime, then you’re going to be able to develop a neurosis, The Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In all these tolerances, you will be denied on the outpatient card dispensary registration.

What can you advise?

So, dear citizens, remember your immediate and future. Currently, there are “holes” in the legislation, there are stubborn old people. If you are “deregistered,” Instead, you will get another one, with the words: “Removed from registration by a court of law.” You can’t get a driver’s license.

It has been a great deal to make it easier for you to take care of it. The situation automatically becomes doubtful if psychiatric or substance abuse diagnosis. Even if it was a long time ago and not true. Therefore, “Extract from ambulatory card»Where the dispensary is located. Apply Medical Commissioner. He was the most competent and legally trained physician. Do not despair, you still have a chance for a positive result.

It’s better than you’re all these doctors are grabbers ”- you are welcome. We will be happy to assist you!

If you are a doctor, it is necessary to be treated.

But best of all – do not be ill.

Dispensary registration with a psychiatrist-narcologist. What is it?

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